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Feb 24, 2017 at 2:55 PM
Jan 12, 2011
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costa rica


from costa rica

sends message when you are Saturday. mi time GTM-6 Dec 24, 2014

davidness was last seen:
Feb 24, 2017 at 2:55 PM
    1. MadBull
      ... sorry? what? do you have a link?
    2. MadBull
      when can I expect you to be where?
    3. MadBull
      Sunday 31st, between noon and 5 o clock in the afternoon, GMT+1, would that be possible?
    4. TheSweeper
      tomorrow at 2 PM your time? Would that be okay for you?
    5. cbt
      hola, cuando puedes jugar para un cup terrorista. soy gmt -4, y soy libre todo semana. Encuentrome a IRC tan cbt.
    6. MadBull
      What time would be best for you?
    7. TheSweeper
      hey we have to play for the Fan Favourite Tournament, when is it good for you? I´m GMT +1.
    8. MadBull
      Im sorry for not having been available last week, can you play Wednesday afternoon (GMT+1?)
    9. coR.
      orale ness, cuando le damos para la hpl ?
    10. MadBull
      GMT+1, Friday and Saturday afternoon (my timezone) would work best for me, preferably Friday between 1 and 5 in the afternoon.
    11. twash
      Hey, we have to play for DPP Fest. I'm free pretty much anytime tonight if you wanted to get it out of the way early? If not, let me know when you'd be free. I'm GMT.
    12. LilOu
      Davidnesss, im free right now and you are online, let's go to grotto :]

      EDIT: I already PM'd you there.
    13. LilOu
      Im going in 30 minutes...

      EDIT (30 minutes later): Ok, i didnt find you on PS! and didnt find you on PO, I'll be online tomorrow almost all the day, hope we can battle.

      EDIT (30 minutos después): Ok, no te encontré en PS! ni en PO, estaré en línea casi todo el día mañana, espero que podamos hacer la batalla.
    14. LilOu
      Ok, i prefer to battle in Groudon Grotto. Im there as LilOu :] (i'll be online 1:30 hour more from now.
    15. davidness
      ok me join 4pm /5pm
    16. LilOu
      Do you know spanish? I can't play right now, i can tomorrow from 4:00 pm to 5:30
    17. LilOu
      Hey davidness! We are against each other on the Weather Wars Minitournament by Novaray.

      The weather that you must use is Rain, I have to use Sand. I'm GMT -5 and it is 4:40 pm now (for me). I'm usually online from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, when can you battle?
    18. Harsha
      tenemos que jugar por spl, cuando tienes tiempo para hacer nuestro partido?

      soy gmt -6 y creo que puedo jugar en cualquier momento este fin de semana
    19. Cherub Agent
    20. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      we have to play for NUPL week 2, since you were subbed in. i'm gmt+1 and on after 5pm, when is best for you?
    21. ginganinja
      im GMT +13 and am active from about 11 AM till about 11 PM
    22. Ryanor
      Tengo que hacerme un buen equipo para jugar así que prefiero sábado o domingo. Espero que no sea un problema :/
    23. Ryanor
      Ness, tenemos que jugar la partida NU. Si te va bien este fin de semana mándame un VM si me ves conectado, o si no acordamos una hora.
    24. pi face
      pi face
      I'd rather play friday/sunday. I'm at gmt -3.
    25. Hangover
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