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Last Activity:
Nov 30, 2015 at 10:22 PM
Jan 12, 2011
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costa rica


from costa rica

sends message when you are Saturday. mi time GTM-6 Dec 24, 2014

davidness was last seen:
Nov 30, 2015 at 10:22 PM
    1. Fabulous but lazy
      Fabulous but lazy
      Hey bossness i know you like fingers well take this to your album lol

    2. ~GreenCore
    3. ~GreenCore
      ese dalmata, pues no sé mañana no sé si pueda, martes más seguro, puedes ese día? dedo2
    4. Mithril
      Hey, we're matched up for Type Restriction, when are you normally free to play? I'm still working on my team, but I'm normally available afternoons PST.
    5. Tobes
      I can generally play during the evenings. I'm GMT -5 iirc.
    6. Donkey
      sounds good man, I will do my best to make it
    7. davidness
      ok bro firday 8pm gtm-6
    8. Donkey
      hey davidness, I can play after Friday preferably late afternoon of gmt -5
    9. Lunar Flare
      Lunar Flare
      let's mark workouts b1tch!
    10. Pako
      Bossness .l.
    11. Atoni
      sorry for the joke my friend =o
    12. Fabulous but lazy
      Fabulous but lazy

    13. davidness
      GMT-6 me

      I'll be all afternoon, for serious night

    14. H-C
      UU tourney in gsc, when can you battle ? I'm GMT+1
    15. PROBLEMS
      Just pm me on irc 'Probs' or po when you get on~
    16. PROBLEMS
      Urrm okay if I'm not on I'll defiantly be on a few hours later.
    17. PROBLEMS
      Tomorrow would be fine actually, around 8pm GMT+0 on PO?
    18. PROBLEMS
      Uhmmm I'll play Sunday if you like? I'm GMT+0
    19. Atoni
      like.. everyday lol

      i'm always on #strongs IRC, i'm gmt -2 btw
    20. SlimMan
      Dude. I just finished downloading the newest Pokemon Online, so that we can battle on your server instead of Smogon's. I messaged you that on PO. I kinda feel like the least you could've done is waited for me to finish! >_>

      Well, I'm done with that now. Anytime I see you online, I'll be ready to go right away. But next time, try and wait for me please.
    21. SlimMan
      I didn't see you at all tonight. :/
      Granted, I wasn't on constantly, all night. But I did check a few times per hour...
      Let's look for each other all day tomorrow I guess. If we had to schedule a time... would 2 pm your time be alright?

      Also, can we please do this on Pokemon Showdown? Pokemon Online 2 does not like my computer (which is weird, because the original PO worked just fine).
    22. SlimMan
      Okay. I'll look for you tonight. My name will be SlimMan on the server.
    23. SlimMan
      Okay, but what name will you be using on PS!? I need to know who to challenge.

      How about tomorrow night at 7 pm your time?
    24. SlimMan
      On PS!, will you be using this name? I want to know who to look for.

      So you're available any time after 6 pm? Okay, I can do that.
    25. SlimMan
      Alright, well I'm not exactly ready, but the deadline is in 10 days, so I guess it's time to schedule our match, eh?

      Are you available any time next week, in the afternoon?
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