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Aug 20, 2014 at 7:05 PM
Mar 31, 2011
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Mar 7, 1990 (Age: 24)


24, from Australia

deadfox081 was last seen:
Aug 20, 2014 at 7:05 PM
    1. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      are you sure about light screen...? it only reduces the bap by 1.33 which is not even 1 DMG after you factor in nve...
    2. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Objection and IAR would agree with the application of expert belt to Blast Burn. I couldn't get a chance to speak to IAR the other day, but it was he who ran the ingame test for expert belt, which showed that expert belt applies to heatproof pokemon. Objection, who I just spoke with on IRC would support this...

      Atharla imo, if using flamethrower on heatproof bronzong in-game gives the it's super effective message, then it is to all intents and purposes in ASB super effective

      But anyways, it's your call and I respect whatever decision you make. :)
    3. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      All right then. I respect your call.
    4. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Yeah. Ingame precedence.
      [.QUOTE=Bulbapedia]Heatproof halves the damage done by Fire-type attacks and the burn status ailment.
      From the wording, we see that heatproof doesn't move the effectiveness of fire one level down, and thus fire attacks still strike super-effectively, meaning that expert belt is still applied.

      I believe somebody tested this ingame (was it jesseus?) but I can't remember who. But since expert belt applies to heatproof Pokemon ingame, "in the lack of an ASB precedence we follow ingame precedence". On another note, there probably is an ASB precedence and if you'd like I can fetch it up for you.
    5. C$FP
    6. zarator
      Raid bosses are never "fooled" by Fly, Bounce, and similar moves. If a Pokemon is untargettable, they always redirect on another foe unless they have a move (ex: EQ for Dig) to hit them regardless.
    7. zarator
      I just did. You've been assigned to C$FP and Rickheg in Cliff of Thunder (Normal Mode). I'll PM you the material you need.
    8. Wobbanaut
      orcinus is reffing us PM him mons
    9. Its_A_Random
      Hello, I am subreffing your TLR, do you wish to confirm whether the updated stats I posted are the correct ones?
    10. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      hey bud. would you mind calling DQ vs flame?
    11. flytyy87
      hey, you up for a battle? we've never battled and the WBF isn't working for me , so yeaa hah
    12. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Yeah; Entei is no-risk since if we wipe there we still get the rewards from before.
    13. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      I guess we could go for WFPHM first and build up mons for RSHM or RSNM simultaneously? If we're gunning for RSHM, I have a Chansey that could be turned into a Blissey; I also have some other mons like Volc, Carra, and I guess Rotom-H >_>
    14. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      I know that a certain someone is itching for us to do WFPHM. As for RSNM or RSHM, I'm not sure if I have the right Pokemon; I can definitely use Unagi, but I dunno about the rest...
    15. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Okay. Who knows; we might just get a crit?
    16. zarator
      I mistakenly took into account Analytic even when Kyogre was paralyzed. Now Kyogre's HP and Magnezone's threat are fixed.
    17. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      I happened to get some free time, and put up the next reffing in your TLR.

      Don't remove your subref request however...
    18. Engineer Pikachu
    19. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Only a few of them in 1-8 do, haha; I'm probably removing the set ability for Vanillish when I get back, though, since the 1-8 set abilities are pretty much only for abilities necessary for the Pokemon to function (Contrary on the offensive Servine, Guts for the Flame Orb Throh).
    20. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Vanillish actually has a set ability jsyk—Ice Body—in Subway, but it probably wouldn't have changed anything.
    21. rickheg
    22. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      15:11 orcinus actually simon
      15:11 orcinus would you be up for reffing if i changed it to a 5v5?
      15:11 SimionSays Umm... I guess.
      15:11 orcinus (and df agreed)
      15:11 orcinus yay. thanks.

      Could we change it to a 5v5 pretty please.

      (also, only using one built NFE please do the same :D)
    23. SimonSays
      Reffing you and Orcinus. Team, please?
    24. jas61292
      Hey, I don't love doing this, but something really needs to happen with my tournament battle. Ragnarokalex and his team have no had around eight and a half days to post. That is 6 over the original DQ and still 3 over flamestrike's new DQ of 2 for the player and 3 more for the team, not to mention that it has been 4 and a half days since you gave a 24 hour wanring. I hate to be that guy, but this has gotten a little ridiculous.
    25. Orcinus Duo
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    Mar 7, 1990 (Age: 24)
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