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  • Hmmm, apparently we don't need to battle; both of the members of my team lost :/

    Good luck in round two though!
    Excuse me, but why are you posting in the Team Trails III saying that you have contacted me, and that I have not responded? If you will check my VMs, you will see that I have not received any Visitor Messages from you >_>

    On a side note, I am on the smogon and CAP servers on shoddy battle very often (amost every day), so it shouldn't be to hard to get a battle arranged. I'm often on on an of saturday and sunday, and on weekday afternoons (PST time).
    i dunno who shaymin man is but you might since you are teammates with him, do you know where he goes? if you see him, tell him i'm most active on captains modded server
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