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Nov 17, 2017 at 7:38 PM
Nov 9, 2012
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Nov 17, 2017 at 7:38 PM
    1. christos21
      Hi,when can you battle for the 3rd Round of the Fuk DW Tournament ? I'll be available everyday until the end of deadline.My timezone is GMT+3
    2. -Sparkbeat-
    3. King
      i pmd you on ps!
    4. King
      if you're still online now, i'll be happy to play
    5. Shining_Latios
      Hey when are you available to play for OU Mini Tour?
    6. King
      Are you online right now? :o
    7. -Sparkbeat-
      Yeah that'll work.
    8. -Sparkbeat-
      Hey, I never saw you online at the time we were supposed to play. When else are you open?
    9. -Sparkbeat-
      Sure, sounds good.
    10. -Sparkbeat-
      Hey, we've got to battle for the OU minitour. I'm -5 and can play pretty much whenever. Just tell me a timezone and a time.
    11. CarbonTheSecond
      I am on atm, but I may not have a full 1.5 hours. Can you be ready any quicker?
    12. CarbonTheSecond
      Got it. Will be on.
    13. CarbonTheSecond
      Hey, sorry for the late response. If you could get online about an hour before the time you suggested yestarday (roughly 8GMT), that would work out well. If that doesn't work, just let me know ASAP. Thanks.
    14. Deluks917
      I'm a star, how can I not shine.
    15. TGMD
      Hey we're battling for the Fuk DW tournament. I can battle after about 4pm , GMT + 12 tomorrow and the day after, and almost all day the next day. After that I'm going to be on holiday for a week, so it'll be much more difficult to schedule a battle.
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      2. Deluks917
        I'm sorry I do not tihnk I can actuially make it in 7 hours. I need to get up too early since my sister needs a ride. However I can definititely be on 4pm - 6pm your time tomorrow. Sorry man.
        Jul 11, 2013
      3. TGMD
        No worries, I actually prefer tomorrow anyway, lol :)
        Jul 11, 2013
      4. TGMD
        Hey so when do you want to battle? It's currently 5:13pm my time.
        Jul 13, 2013
    16. Dark Fallen Angel
      Dark Fallen Angel
      "The keys to making reqs easily are:

      1) Play first game when ladder is inactive. Getting matched vs a 1600-1850 in your first 1-4 games permanently increases your score by alot. "

      Which hours are that happening? I want to get my reqs, but I fear facing too many expert players.
    17. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Hey, we have to battle for The Metagame Tweak Tour, when are you available to play? I'm GMT -5 and am available all this week from 12 - 5 PM.
    18. Lavos
      hey we gotta play for rby tradeback tour, when are you available? i'm gmt -7 and i can play pretty much any afternoon
    19. Blizzard
      Damn! Fine then.
    20. Blizzard
      What happened? We have only one day to complete the match.
    21. AkHolic
      We're paired for the GSC OU tournament, but I only can play at Saturday or maybe at Sunday, how about it?
    22. Blizzard
      yeah sure. how about tuesday (as early as possible)? also i'm gmt +5.5. yeah huge time difference. how about 10 AM your time? it will be 8:30 PM for me. you up for that?
    23. Robert.
      yeah im fine with that
    24. Robert.
      what about wednesday? i'll prefer if we can battle in the afternoon, you can find me on irc as Robert. i'm gmt-6 btw.
    25. Robert.
      we gotta play for the easter egg tournament. when can you battle?
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