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Mar 26, 2015 at 12:17 PM
Nov 9, 2012
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Ride on Shooting Star

I'm a star, how can I not shine. Jul 11, 2013

Deluks917 was last seen:
Mar 26, 2015 at 12:17 PM
    1. Deluks917
      Oh ok. Sorry fell asleep earlier. When do you want to play?
    2. MikeDecIsHere
    3. MikeDecIsHere
      oh, I thought this sent. 8 works for me. I will be on PS! as MikeDecIsHere
    4. religiousjedi
      You're three hours ahead, huh...

      Well, I have class (or rather would be getting out of class) at 2pm EST, so how about 9pm EST?
    5. Deluks917
    6. Valentine
      No, im here lets play

      I messaged you on showdown .-.

      Get back on
    7. Deluks917
      Seems I have missed you. Regardless we could play monday/tuesday anytime after 7pm my time. So 9pm your time. OR we could play sunday night if you are done with your thing by then.
    8. Valentine
      actually can you just beat me now? :C
      i just remembered there is a family thing almost all weekend
    9. Valentine
      sounds dashing
      see you then

      EDIT: i can play now and for the next hour if you happen to stumble across a team you want to use
    10. Valentine
      you are my opp for round 1 of the 2012 tour. im gmt -7 what about you
    11. FireMage
      Hey Deluks, before I can accept you into the tournament tour, could I get you to edit your post with at least 2/3 things I've asked for in the sign up post (either 2x things to ban, a single pokemon set to use or a team)
    12. MikeDecIsHere
      oh, sorry. I am free every day this week excapt for tomorrow. Also GMT -5.
    13. DragonForce.
    14. Deluks917
      Ok saturday 5pm gmt -5 sounds good.
    15. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Both times should be okay, but I can 100% guarantee being on only on 5 pm gmt-5. I prefer playing on PO.
    16. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      I'm GMT +2 so 7 pm EST is 2 am for me, that's impossible. Could you come on earlier on the weekend? I'm okay with playing DPP OU. PO or Showdown?
    17. PasY_G
      could play now, just come to the pokemonexperte server again when youre ready :)
    18. PasY_G
      why u no answer me? oo
    19. PasY_G
      PasY_G (5-0) vs Deluks917 (3-2) we again :D
    20. VallejoMC.
      Man, sorry, maybe i'll be tomorrow at 11am on reborn (gmt-5). If u cant, take the win, no problem.
    21. Deluks917
      Ok we can play like 2pm gmt -5 tomorrow. Or failing that some other time if you pm me ahead of time. If I can't get on a netbattle server we will have to play BW2 OU :(. If you get on something pm me how.
    22. Lucs99
      work > pokemon
      we can battle tomorrow if dubby is cool with giving us time
    23. Lucs99
      yo man i'm on NBS
    24. Lucs99
      omg sorry very busy week
      i can battle tomorrow after 5 PM GMT -5 but if that's too late you can have the activity
      would you play RBY OU if not BW2 OU
    25. PasY_G
      maybe youre there now? come to the pokemonexperte server if you are id like to get this done very soon ^^
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    I enjoy playing gen5. If you want to test competitive gen5 just pm me! I am deluks917 gen5 on showdown. Not that it means much but I do ok on the gen5 ladder. I will try to update this when I can but as of now I am: Number1.


    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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