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Jul 1, 2017
Jun 14, 2009
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Jul 1, 2017
    1. AJB
      hey sorry i got a little heated in the nba thread haha, basketball makes me crazy sometimes n_n
    2. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      [hide]spoiler text in here[/hide]

      [hide=some title you want the hide tag to say instead of "hide"]spoiler text in here[/hide]


      [hide=DerrickRose's NBA preseason analysis]

      Raptors win the championship

      1. DerrickRose
        they most certainly will not

        Nov 3, 2015
    3. John

      i wish there was a like post button :[
    4. BKC
      yeah i found it hilarious lol
    5. BKC
      rofl i love your sig
    6. Matrulez25
      Hey! After A Long Extended Wait,

      My Computer Is Fixed.

      I Have Resumed Control Of "The Hell Razors"

      I Am Planning Big Thing's - Such As
      Pokemon Of The Week, Weekly RMT's,
      Weekly/Monthly Tournament's :)

      Come Drop By And Remember Stay Active!
    7. YTP
      I just wanna thank my mom, my dad and lolmavs.

      I can't post in the thread. Not with Darkie watching it :x
    8. gsninja
      Haha, I know, it's ridiculous. He already got a new domain name and site ready for the new Smash, though, so when that's up, you can probably do something...:P
    9. az
      okay, two months

      what difference does that make? the point remains that we have done that thread
    10. CaptKirby
      did you forget I put you on my ignore list? I do not know how many posts on that page were replies to me, but it seems like at least a couple, you are wasting your time.
    11. Mizuno
      Basically after each season you get to keep an X-number of players (right now we have it set to 3) in exchange for draft picks. Since you would be starting this season you would just draft like normal.
    12. Mizuno
      Well there is still a spot open in the keeper league if that is what you are asking
    13. Xaqwais
      You have the best user name ever.

      Well, if someone did MichaelJordan, it'd be better, but good job anyway.
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    "Agreed. Free throws are my favorite because they're so intense and are really the best barometer of skill in the game of basketball." - darkie
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