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Sep 21, 2014 at 4:37 PM
Apr 11, 2010
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Maize And Blue Badge Set :)

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Viewing thread The Everything NFL Thread - 2014/2015 Season, Sep 21, 2014 at 4:37 PM
    1. ginganinja
      lol, I waited up trying to catch you, went to had breakfast and missed you when you logged onto irc. Can we set up a time or something, since Iv been wanting to discuss the slate with you before posting my list, as I want to sort out the issue of making sure variations in movepools are fairly represented, without having a huge number of similar movepools.
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Sure, I'll try to get on IRC if my phone permits.
        May 15, 2014
    2. Awesomejoon
      Can I ask questions related to Wi-Fi battling?
      1. DetroitLolcat
        I really don't Wi-Fi battle much, but I can try to answer your questions.
        May 11, 2014
    3. Molk
    4. Sausage Zeldas
      Sausage Zeldas
      Is your name a joke off of the Detroit Lions?
      1. DetroitLolcat
        It is a reference to the Lions, I'm a big fan of them actually ^_^
        Apr 23, 2014
    5. Ununhexium
      Hey do you know when the next CAP stage will start??
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Next stage is Art. Art submissions are going on right now and will close on Saturday at around 4 PM Eastern. Then there will be art polls, which will last a few days. The next competitive step is Attacking Moves Discussion, which starts after Art.
        Apr 17, 2014
    6. wh0sy0urpapa
      Hello topic leader, may I please have a look at my stat spread? Much appreciated in advance.
      1. DetroitLolcat
        No probs, I'l try to get to you in a couple hours.
        Apr 11, 2014
    7. Leonil
      Hey, I saw your name and I'm in michigan too. Fuck drive but we should at least showdown! hope we can battle soon. xD ttyl
    8. Ununhexium
      Mr Lolcat i must say i am disappointed in your choice for the CAP core :(. I would have liked to see a terrakion or tornadus-t core
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Sorry to hear that, man. I hope you'll stick around, there's still plenty of potential in the core that was chosen! :)
        Mar 18, 2014
    9. Psyco_Josho
      Thanks for that like you gave me, it was quite encouraging after having to break it to that guy!

      And I don't mean to badger you if you don't want to talk about it, but what do you think of my ideas for partner for Kyurem-B+Gothitelle?
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Kyurem-Black and Gothitelle form a fine core, but the recent negative reaction towards Kyurem-Black and Gothitelle means that we're going to look elsewhere for our core.
        Mar 15, 2014
      2. DetroitLolcat
        Oh, also the thread is going to close in precisely 52 minutes, so check it out then :)
        Mar 15, 2014
    10. TRC
      Wow, being TL is a lot of work, replying to every concept, every PM, and you're only in the first stage of the process!
    11. Qwilphish
      wooooaah avatarlolcat

      so blue also *-*
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Big thanks to psg for that one :)
        Mar 7, 2014
    12. Ununhexium
      Dude, we have the same favorite pokemon
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Yay! ~
        Mar 3, 2014
    13. Yilx
      FiV YeArS AgO A LiTtLe gIrL WaS RuN OvEr bY A PlAyGrOuNd pOsT ThIs oN DeTroItLoLCaT'Z sMoGoN WaLl oR ElSe yOu wIlL Be nExT
    14. FogHorn
      You are my opponent for the Farm League. I am xFogHorn on Showdown. I should be on most of the time throughout the day, so message me on there whenever you are ready to play.
      1. DetroitLolcat
        I should be available later tonight or in the morning tomorrow. I'll look for you.
        Jan 27, 2014
      2. FogHorn
        I am available later tonight as well. I will be on then.
        Jan 27, 2014
      3. FogHorn
        Just so you know, my showdown user is xFogHorn
        Jan 28, 2014
    15. Srn
      Hi there, we're paired for XY OU in the farm league. My name on PS is simply Srn and I'm on usually 6pm-11pm on weekdays (East Coast) Whenever you're ready, just hmu and I'll try and get to you :]
    16. Qwilphish
      dat snowflake :o
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Snowflake so pretty~
        Oct 24, 2013
    17. MarceloDK
      Hi, we're paired for LC open. I can play p much anytime, so just shoot me a time and I gonna be on.
    18. Hack
      Hi there LC open opponent! I'm GMT+2, how about you? Hope we can make it out somehow
    19. King of Random
      King of Random
      When can U play? I'm GMT -5.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. King of Random
        Sep 24, 2013
      3. DetroitLolcat
        Sep 24, 2013
      4. King of Random
        King of Random
        wow fail XD
        let's try now lol
        Sep 25, 2013
    20. Tyranitarphantom
      I am also GMT -4, and I'd be fine with playing sometime this weekend
    21. Malfunction
      We really need to get this done.. Can we play at about 9+ pm tomorrow, my time (gmt+3)?
      1. DetroitLolcat
        Yep, I'll be there.
        Sep 17, 2013
    22. Malfunction
      I'm on oriserver.
    23. blunder
      I'll be on showdown under the alt blunderr
    24. Malfunction
      Oh sorry missed that. Do you use irc? Otherwise, tomorrow should be good.
    25. blunder
      Can you play today?
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    Favorite Pokemon-Swampert- formerly OU and staying that way.

    Avatar by the awesome paintseagull! :)
    Cats are awesome, the best kind of cat is the Detroit Lion!


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