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Oct 29, 2017
Dec 10, 2008
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Dec 25, 1990 (Age: 26)


This isn't even my final form, Female, 26

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Oct 29, 2017
    1. GeorgeWorld
      Hey there mate would you mind adding my friend code? It is 2079-7334-0130. I am a dragon type and have Fraxure, Dragonair and Sliggoo. Thanks!
      1. Diana
        Sure, I'll add you! (Dragonair and Sliggoo, wow that's good o_o)
        Nov 6, 2013
    2. ZeroBreaker
      Hi, Can you add me as a friend for xy safari please. I
      My code is 2981-5963-8592. Thank you, I really appreciate it
      1. Diana
        Sure, I'll add you on now.
        Nov 2, 2013
    3. comatthew6
      Dat researcher badge doeeeeeeeeee

      Congrats!! :D
      1. Diana
        Thanks! I guess it was worth checking into all those moves xD
        Oct 31, 2013
    4. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Hello there. I have been on the hunt for Moody Bibarel and noticed that your Safari has one. Do you mind exchanging Codes? Mine is: 0404-6865-7963

      Thanks in advance, Diana ^_^
      1. Diana
        Sure, I'll add it!
        Oct 31, 2013
      2. King Serperior
        King Serperior
        Thanks ^_^ You have a good evening now!
        Oct 31, 2013
    5. Bummer
      Oh hey, didn't see the end of your post in the Minun thread. I levelled a Minun to 74 today, essentially the same moveset as Plusle except with Charm and Trumph Card instead of Play Nice and Last Resort respectively. Hope you see this first so that you can level something else.
      1. Diana
        I got partway but yeah that's fine, I ended up getting just ahead of someone else on Swalot recently anyway. I'll go to the next in my box!
        Oct 28, 2013
    6. blarajan
      do wat macle said
    7. macle
      cum on irc bby
    8. kaonohiokala
      oh no, that's fine, you should stick to it. i'm still casually playing the game and contributing whatever i see missing.
    9. Oglemi
      Hi Diana! Long time no see :o
    10. NESgamer
      Once again almost a year!

      Have you checked that new pokemon?
    11. Jorgen
      Different mindset. Nowadys there's strict usage criteria defining what's OU and UU, and BL is purely a ban tier. The subjective "as far away from OU as possible" criterion for the tiers is not really used in these decisions, so BL is kept small. That's not the way it was seen in the RBY-thru-ADV years.

      In the early days, BL was a place for things that were close to being OU, but not actually "OU". Basically, things thought to have OU power but not OU usage. UU was then set as "everything else" that was as far from OU as possible. A couple overpowered UUs were then sent to BL afterward.

      Plus it doesn't help that Smogon's GSC UU and BL tier lists were mostly theorycraft to begin with, since UU wasn't a very highly-played tier.
    12. Jellicent
      Definitely. We changed the schedule a bit so it's monthly; sign-ups will be on the first Monday of the month, then challenges go up the following Friday and last for 2 weeks instead of 10 days. So, the round will keep going until tomorrow night, whenever I get home from work and figure out the scores~
    13. Woodchuck
    14. Woodchuck
      sorry diana, can you let me know when you're on on Sunday? I've been super busy this week but I'll probably be available by around 4 pm your time on sunday so if you could shoot me a vm while you're online that would be super.
    15. Solace
      thanks Diana!!!
    16. Joel
      Reported your win in the thread. I am sure we will battle doubles again someday. I am trying to learn Smogon's Standard Doubles. I was busy through out most of Gen. 5 enjoying GBU Rules/VGC Rules Doubles, and GBU Rules Triples. I haven't had time to catch up to the Smogon meta for doubles with my flu near new years.
    17. Joel
      I'm back around. Let me know if you are still here, and we can do this.
    18. Joel
      Let me know if you come onand are able to battle at any point before 4:30(ish)pm.
    19. Oglemi
      Hi Diana :3
    20. Pocket
      your welcome, Diana :) Hop by irc and post on our thread plz! I usually sign on irc late at night so there's that ;x
    21. Joel
      We are in the same time zone, so getting time to battle won't be too hard, I don't figure, however, for the past three days, I have had the flu, and it's been kicking my as, for real. I have barely touched a computer recently.

      I know what I am about to say will suck, but if I don't get better before the time elapses, You have an easy win. I am too sick right now to give any serious thoughts to Pokes.

      If I can battle, and catch you online, I will, but if not, tell Pocket and company I request that you get the activty win.
    22. blarajan

      though we may be apart, you are still my favorite lovely~
    23. NatGeo
    24. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      you poor thing :(

      Merry Birthdaymas?
    25. iss
      Happy birthday! :D
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