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Jun 28, 2015
Dec 10, 2008
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Dec 25, 1990 (Age: 25)


This isn't even my final form, Female, 25

is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus
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Jun 28, 2015
    1. TEA_DEMON
      Oh wow. Rain Dance team in Battle Tower ftw?

      Ok then. I might be going out at some point soonish but I'll get on now anyway.
    2. TEA_DEMON
      Oh that's not fair. DX Are you using Kingdra or something?
    3. TEA_DEMON
      Uh well I just need to grab my laptop, so sure thing.

      Oh gay. =/ What was that from though?
    4. TEA_DEMON
      Sounds rather good to me. Random battles ftw? XD

      So it wasn't the almighty Encoring set?
    5. TEA_DEMON
      I tried to find that but for some reason I couldn't. =/

      lolwut. Epic fail.
    6. TEA_DEMON
      That's true, and it'll probably resort to that.

      Why do you say that?
    7. TEA_DEMON
      Oh ok then, I'll give it a shot. Might be a tad later on though.
    8. TEA_DEMON
      Oh. Damn. I would port forward if I knew how, but even the site I was linked to while doing the server setup confused me. =/
    9. TEA_DEMON
      Too true. Probably because of fail ingame wannabe competitive bullcrap lol.

      Oh good. I hate it when downloads fail.

      Oh, and I'll be up later tomorrow, so maybe getting your server ready for then might be good. Unless I'm awake at 11am like I plan to be lol. Anyways, night. Good to catch up with you. =D
    10. TEA_DEMON

      Well STAB 150 power move from a Pokemon with ok SpA on a Pokemon with average SpD would do that much.
    11. TEA_DEMON
      I think it's because Vista was more annoying, because they tried out new stuff that failed.

      Curse Slowking is win like CMBro. The Slows have a pretty amazing physical movepool. Not as lol as Focus Punch Chansey, which does 30 damage to my Weavile. XD
    12. TEA_DEMON
      Excellent. 8D

      Indeed, they did well this time. I think I always preferred XP over Vista. =/

      Wait, Chomp can learn Surf? O_o Is it Trick Room Slowking? 8D
    13. TEA_DEMON
      I'm the guy excited about -40, remember. =P

      Exactly. Linux is great for downloading, there are hardly any delays or anything, it just gets on with the job.

    14. TEA_DEMON
      Yeah it's quite good if you ask me. =P

      Oh well, there are always going to be kinks in the OS. =/
    15. TEA_DEMON
      Sadly I can't go to bed as late as I used to. =/ Not as cold as it is here, we probably average under 20 lol.

      I dunno, I haven't noticed that for me.
    16. TEA_DEMON
      Too long huh. lol, 26 is cold. People here dream of that in summer. XD All-nighter then huh?
    17. TEA_DEMON
      Progress ftw. =D

      Very true, oh well. I never did like Suicune. >_>

      So how cold has Ohio been for the last few months? In fact, I haven't talked to you since... January/February, is it? =/
    18. TEA_DEMON
      Lack of UAC making everyone's life easier. =D

      I'd really like to see Crocune live through a +6 Outrage from Mence. :| Yeah I thought about those, but none of them were Trick Room worthy. Except for Vaporeon, because I might need a Phazer/Wisher. Slowking took hold of that spot though.
    19. TEA_DEMON
      Ah good, I was hoping you'd say that. It's so much better than Vista, non?

      Except DDMence/DDDos/DDTar. Nothing laughs at those. Except Scizor/Mamoswine.
    20. TEA_DEMON
      What OS are you running?

      I was sad, because I got completely owned by a Crocune and thought Feraligatr would be a good counter for it and worked well under Trick Room. Not fun.
    21. TEA_DEMON
      Oh awesome. I'm not doing much for a while due to uni ending, but I don't remember the time difference lol, but I guess that won't matter much.

      True. I was amazed to see that +6 Feraligatr's Earthquake only does ~55% to CroCune. o_o
    22. TEA_DEMON
      I have a server but don't know how to forward ports so only I can get into it. =/ You could just look on the Shoddy site or ask in the simple questions simple answers thread in the Shoddy forum. I could even write a patch file, but you'd still need to download NetBeans or something.

      I would love to have the time and effort to rebreed a nice Trick Room team. >:

      Well Charizard isn't exactly the most bulky Pokemon ever invented lol.
    23. TEA_DEMON
      Hells yeah, I've got a far better Trick Room team than I used to. 8D But if you'd rather a more orthodox team I'll comply.

      I don't wanna. ;__;

      It's a hard choice really. =/
    24. TEA_DEMON
      Yeah it's quite sad really. >: Oh well, I've kinda got into NU recently, and might shove him on a Trick Room team there. Medicham really should be UU, or at least in an NU banlist, because ScarfCham is damn amazing in NU. Raikou went down to UU did it not?

      That too, yes. I hate them so much (despite not playing against them I think. XD).

      Meh, I was getting so many near OHKOs and decided Life Orb would be worth it. I tend to just go all-out with Starmie anyway.
    25. TEA_DEMON
      I'll take that as a complement. =P Exactly, which is why it's hard. Not to mention finding a viable set for OU is damn hard since it has horrible STABs. Trick Room Eggy is easily screwed over by sun teams. =/

      Joke is an understatement. That's what they really need to work on for the next game.

      I finally switched it from Expert Belt to Life Orb. =/ Wow, that's something to be afraid of. Might try it. Maybe.
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    Dec 25, 1990 (Age: 25)
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