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Feb 24, 2012
Trophy Points:
    1. CrashinBoomBang
    2. O'shane Wint
      O'shane Wint
      I am new to smogun can you be my mentor
      1. dice
        come to #mentor on SynIRC and you can find many. mibbit.com is a good website for not downloading irc if you do not have it.
        Nov 4, 2013
      2. O'shane Wint
        O'shane Wint
        not sure what your talking about
        Nov 5, 2013
    3. Maverick Jones
      Maverick Jones
      Hey, I'm on the server Pokemon Online now. I'm under the name "MJones" in the GSC OU tier.
    4. Maverick Jones
      Maverick Jones
      I guess you weren't available yesterday. How about today? This time, you give me a time and I'll see if I can make it.
    5. Maverick Jones
      Maverick Jones
      Are you available at 8 PM EST? I should be available as early as 6, but let's say 8 just to make sure. I'd say I'll be available between 8-12 PM EST.
    6. Maverick Jones
      Maverick Jones
      Hello, this is your round 3 opponent in the GSC tournament. What timezone are you? I'm EST. It'll be a lot easier for me to play during the weekend, especially Sunday. My times are pretty flexible, especially after 5 PM. Friday will be pretty rough for me, but I might be able to play after, say, 8 PM.
    7. Nas
      we are MUTE opponents, so yeah when do you want to play?
    8. Kingler12345
      Lost team rater badge :o
    9. ogasian
      I could have sworn you had 3 badges before...
    10. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      lorde is shite tho
    11. Fiction.
      hello dice ^_^ :3
      :D n_n
    12. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Hey! We're opponents for the Derdomme ADV OU Tournament Round1! I'm GMT+8, when would you like to meet?
      1. Metal Sonic
        Metal Sonic
        The earliest we can meet will be your night on the day that you see this: My Sunday 9 am onwards.

        Otherwise we may have to schedule the match on another weekend. Please tell me if you can make it tonight by replying to this VM; I'll check my phone in the morning.
        Oct 19, 2013
    13. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      u will never be royals xD
    14. GCSChris
      Just a reminder that you need to get your match done for the No More Legends Tournament
    15. dice
      pure heroine
    16. Trainer Au
      Trainer Au
      hey we're paired up for battling 101, how would you like to communicate? Skype or irc is the best way for me.
    17. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      flowin ovo track yeah i said it
    18. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      the legendary THUNDERBOLT TM24 alt has been repossessed
    19. Go10
      ugh, never though someone could lie so badly just to win some points. Poor human ...
    20. Go10
      go reborn
    21. Alf'
      How is it going with D4RR3N for the doubles doubles tournament ? Did you contacted him or does he contacted you ?
    22. gr8astard
    23. august
      oxygen potasium!! i will find u on skipe or interweb rely cht
      1. aerialace TM40
        aerialace TM40
        Sep 27, 2013
    24. IkariShinji
      That's why I left the 2 days before final deadline. But if you would like a earlier date, how about October 2nd?
    25. IkariShinji
      October 4th sounds alright with me. I want some time to build/test my team.
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