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    1. Trainer Au
      Trainer Au
      hey we're paired up for battling 101, how would you like to communicate? Skype or irc is the best way for me.
    2. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      flowin ovo track yeah i said it
    3. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      the legendary THUNDERBOLT TM24 alt has been repossessed
    4. Go10
      ugh, never though someone could lie so badly just to win some points. Poor human ...
    5. Go10
      go reborn
    6. Alf'
      How is it going with D4RR3N for the doubles doubles tournament ? Did you contacted him or does he contacted you ?
    7. gr8astard
    8. august
      oxygen potasium!! i will find u on skipe or interweb rely cht
      1. aerialace TM40
        aerialace TM40
        Sep 27, 2013
    9. IkariShinji
      That's why I left the 2 days before final deadline. But if you would like a earlier date, how about October 2nd?
    10. IkariShinji
      October 4th sounds alright with me. I want some time to build/test my team.
    11. august
      hai quinty we gotta pley for the NU open omg!!!1 when do u wan to do the m@tch??
    12. Furai
      QC Ghost Arc you fag
    13. Pocket
      Dice I watched the 2nd episode of Breaking Bad's 5th season, and I was confused why Walter said he was broke when Saul was trying to convince him and Jesse to not continue cooking after they "ended their business" with GUSTAVO. How is he broke after earning half a million dollars every month!?
      1. Pocket
        Did all of season 4 took place before Walter received his first paycheck? Did he spend all his money on Hanke's physical therapy and Benecke's financial mess? I'm soo confused ?_?
        Sep 21, 2013
    14. Zebraiken
      hey, i'll probably be somewhat full over the course of the weekend. i'd most likely be able to play sunday, likely not saturday. do you have any preference (remaining weekdays are cool w/ me too)?
    15. BKC
      substandard piece of shit
    16. cbt
      do u plan on continuing ur johning?
    17. Zebraiken
      we're paired for ru open. when are you free to play?

      i can probably play at least one game now/soon if you want. i'm also gmt -5 (it's 7 PM for me as of posting).
    18. Django
      when you want to play for NU open? I can only play after 20th pls
    19. Asuya
      Yo Im online on main server on PO with the nick "bankai sup"
      u can chall me for the nu open :)
    20. MikeDecIsHere
      Who is that in your pic?

      Also, how do you keep finding all of these pics of Smogoners lol
      1. ShootingStarmie
        Sep 12, 2013
    21. Kingler12345
      Can you QC check rotom-c's analysis? pls
    22. SoulWind
      I got whatsapp to work so install it again if u deleted it to talk
    23. Pocket
      lol fuck you
    24. ShootingStarmie
    25. Sweet Jesus
      Sweet Jesus
      Yo, we got to battle for RU open. I'm EST and I'm pretty busy. I basicaly can battle both tuesday's after 5pm, thursday evening after 8pm, saturday all day but I might have a slow connection and sunday morning and late evening
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    Sturdy body
    the idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw
    and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do
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