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Feb 24, 2012
Trophy Points:
    1. Windsong
      fk dice help i have literally zero idea what this ubers suspect test is testing but i just got reqs
    2. steelphoenix
      He never texts me either,,,,,,not 100% my fault!! -iris
    3. barton
      hi we need to fight for the ou crew tour (i think). i'm gmt+0 and generally free my afternoons/nights, when is good for you
    4. CaterpieFlow
      wanted to say ur ubers teams are god and i want to have sex with u
    5. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      Hey man, you up for playing ubers with me/harsha (and now inflikted) in team tour?
      1. dice
        duh u mo
        Oct 19, 2014
      2. Living So Zambian
        Living So Zambian
        darn too l8 again :/
        Oct 19, 2014
    6. Expulso
      hey, join my team for ubers imo
      1. Expulso
        to clarify, the XY team tourney one

        also, I've been testing your team and it's real nice; I'll PM you potential changes later
        Oct 18, 2014
    7. SoulSapphire
      Your RMT (the Sticky Web one with CM Arceus-Fairy) is brilliant. Thank you so much.
      1. dice
        no problem. i've actually updated that team since i made it as i changed my opinion on the sticky web user. smeargle probably fits better than shuckle. max spe / def with nuzzle / taunt / sticky web / rapid spin is probably best. maybe try explosion on landorus-t too. let me know what you think
        Oct 18, 2014
      2. SoulSapphire
        I've been trying Explosion on Landorus-T, it works like a charm, however, I'm not sure that Smeargle > Shuckle, seeing as Shuckle can run Mental Herb and has better bulk. Would Magic Coat on Smeargle be a possibility to stop Taunt / Sleep?
        Oct 21, 2014
    8. HeIIraiser
      how do u put mons imgs in topic
      do u have to add one by one
      this is so aids LOL
    9. Jirachee
      is the quote in your sig real
      1. dice
        i don't lie, man
        Oct 11, 2014
      2. Jirachee
        Oct 11, 2014
    10. Piexplode
      interesting new sig
    11. CTC
      reposit deez nuts in ur anal cavity
      1. dice
        the basedlord! your balls!
        Oct 7, 2014
    12. Expulso
      cb superpower lando-t for best ekiller check y/n
    13. Lemonade.
      hi jw if you mind me tweeting about your team repository I would assume it's ok since you posted it but just making sure
      1. dice
        i don't mind
        Oct 5, 2014
    14. Rewer
      if you're going to allow my tyranitar to switch in, you're going to have to deal with a super speedy mole.
    15. haxiom
      When do you wanna fight for the gene tour?
      1. haxiom
        missed today...
        Oct 11, 2014
    16. -Clone-
    17. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      tell me when u can play im gmt +13
    18. Nayrz
      im still kickin man, was partyin it up
    19. Harsha
      shoutout to stanford rejectee hsa
    20. Harsha
      azumarill is such an anti-metagame poke still, despite being the face of xy. that's just how powerful it is.
    21. Harsha
      if you're going to allow my tyranitar to switch in, you're going to have to deal with a super speedy mole.
    22. Harsha
      i have no clue what the ev's do so don't ask.
    23. Harsha
      bird spam featuring talonflame and pinsir, lots of aegislashes left and right, lati@s out the wazoo, among other various metagame characteristics made me, myself not to keen on this lil rascal.
    24. Harsha
      i won't bother going through a teambuilding process and i'll list that out within each description for the most part. as eo names his teams with greek letters, i followed suit.
    25. Harsha
      i kinda miss the days when people actually posted rmts. maybe i'm just feeling altruistic after getting badged yet again, but whatever.
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    One of them broke the tradition of the power.
    You have forgotten how the mind is ready to create problems.

    I am not a butterfly; I want to be who you want to become.
    It is easy to choose to suffer, which we will, for all eternity;

    There is still the need to Wake.

    Today, Hydra gathered the remnants into the urn.


    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Sturdy body
    the idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw
    and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do
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