Feb 24, 2012
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Jan 5, 1995 (Age: 19)
    1. AB2
      everything i said id do i did im good
    2. WhiteQueen
      Yes bb, I is back :*
    3. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      watch me lose to some awful shit and get mad and stop streaming

      i tell you its gonna happen
    4. ShootingStarmie
      You look cute in your picture :)
    5. Nelson
      the queen has been unbanned today, cheers!
    6. alexwolf
      Let's meet tomorrow at 9 PM GMT -5 on irc to talk about how the Garchomp analysis should be.
    7. cbt
      we're paired for rodan cup, catch me on irc and this should be easy to get done
    8. Himanattsu
      i saw you post a Mew set on a thread, something that baton passed barriers and nasty plots i want the spesific set so if you could tell me that would be great

      (also if this is the wron gperson lol)
    9. Himanattsu
    10. Wintersun
      Sorry, I thought we're battling at 9 PM in your time zone, lol. If you've time now, just contact me on the showdown mainserver, I'm ready now.
    11. War Nerve
      War Nerve
      I'm "The Sickness", sorry if i took too long. Im ready anyway
    12. War Nerve
      War Nerve
      Hey man, its mac, my skype is all fucked up, i dont have the best free time atm but i can play on grotto now if you want
    13. Wintersun
      Hey, I'm your opponent in the Ubers Open Tournament. My time zone is GMT+1, so I have to play very late, but I'll try to stay awake as long as possible at the weekend. I would prefer Sunday for the matches. If you're free this sunday, I'd suggest 9:00 pm for our battle. If you can't make it on that time, we can work something out.
    14. gr8astard
      who is that user with an ugly af chick avatar posting on your profile oO
      1. Nelson
        it's her true face u rude... ;-;
        Aug 23, 2013
    15. Kebabe
      Hey we are paired for the RU Open R2, Im GMT+1 and can play like 21:30-23:30 most days. Or if you want to play now Im on Showdown right now.
    16. Goddess Briyella
    17. Curtains
      After you wipe the mods cum off your lips then maybe I will consider your application for merriment :)
      1. Magcargo 2 likes this.
      2. VN.
        merry christmas u fagot
        Aug 21, 2013
    18. AB2
      Only if you do Kanye's workout plan
    19. ShootingStarmie
      you gotta problem son?
      1. Spinda likes this.
    20. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      typical gay that loves GAGA .-.
    21. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      applause v_v
    22. ZandgaiaX
      where art thou?
    23. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      Madame Gayffoir with french accent :}
    24. Chinchou
    25. Hot N Cold
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    Hello everyone. My name is Dice, although some may know me as Quincy the Qwilfish. You may know me for my extreme bitching, my questionable sexuality, or my near inhuman anal fortitude. However, I am sure there are things that you don't know about me. For example did you know that I am the leading supplier of anal cucumbers on the east coast? Or were you aware that I seduced a young Barack Obama into a homoerotic romance which directly influenced the ACA? Or even that I heavily invested to the hardcore furry cosplay and erotica club at my college? I bet you did not know these things. My point is this: Even though we are here to have some steamy fun on a Pokemon site, there is often a lot of judgment. I want you to step back and take a look, because there are probably things that you don't know about those you flame. Thank you.


    Jan 5, 1995 (Age: 19)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Sturdy body
    the idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw
    and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do
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