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Jul 17, 2013
Jun 12, 2010
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VGC 2012 Seniors Champion
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Jul 17, 2013
    1. Biosci
      How does Sunday at 8 or 9 PM EST sound?
    2. Biosci
      I can't really play during the week until like 11-midnight your time or noon-1 pm your time, so how are times during the weekend for you?
    3. michael209
    4. michael209
      I can play now if you'd like.
    5. michael209
      I guess we missed each other. Tomorrow at this time work for you?
    6. michael209
      Yea I can do that.
    7. michael209
      How about today 30min before the smogon tour?
    8. michael209
      Hey we're VGC opponents. I'm gmt-4 so give me the times you're free and we can get this done.
    9. Iconic
      I heard Jesus prays to Dimsun before he falls asleep.
    10. McMeghan
      I wish I were you.
    11. Bloo
      Without you, I wouldn't be the Pokemon player that I am today.
    12. Biosci
      Hey, when will you be able to play for SPL this week? I should be free almost anytime this week unless something comes up, so if you give me a day you're free I'll try to make myself free for then.
    13. The Knights of Wario Land
      The Knights of Wario Land
      It's frustrating to me too.

      I'll see how far in I get in the nuggetbridge circuit today, I doubt I'll get far though, so I'll try as hard as I can to be avalable today.
    14. The Knights of Wario Land
      The Knights of Wario Land
      : /
      Sorry I wasn't avalable last night, I don't know if I'll be available today either due to a Nugget Bridge tourney : <

      It's alright if I don't get tutored though, my schedule just is getting all screwed up due to school
    15. The Knights of Wario Land
      The Knights of Wario Land
      Alright, when do you want to start?
    16. The Knights of Wario Land
      The Knights of Wario Land
      I'll be available for tutoring today : )
    17. Pokemaster98
      Are you still available for tutoring, because i'm new to competitive battling and im not sure where to start?
    18. IceArceus12
    19. IceArceus12
      Yeah, some of my opponents just played for fun in their last round once they knew they were out. Are you still in seniors next year?
    20. IceArceus12
      Thanks and Major Congrats to you for winning, after beating Gavin I thought you would definitely win. I don't even remember much of my match against you as I didn't take notes, but Hydro Pump on Hydreigon doesn't sound good lol. My record probably helped your tiebreaker a lot, but if I had lost my last match, I think you would have definitely been out due to your tiebreaker being lowered. In my last match, Although I won 4-0 the first match, I lost the second match due to timestall and I was about to lose the third match before I somehow won. So I claim a part in your victory lol. See in you in Vancouver and enjoy your victory! ;)
    21. KiwiDawg7
      Dimsun! You're amazing, and I'm so proud to have met and battled the WORLD CHAMP.
      Congrats the the huuuge win, and hopefully we can meet or chat or something soon! :DD
    22. iss
    23. dingram
      Congrats on the worlds win!
    24. BocciasBattles
      Congrats on winning man!
    25. TrollFreak
      rofl, told you ya got this under hand

      cheers man, well deserved :D
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    † I am a Christian and proud of it!.†
    My White FC: 3138-5875-0114
    I play VGC! Check it out, it's tons of fun, especially if you haven't played it. I almost never play regular OU.


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