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Last Activity:
Mar 15, 2013
Dec 8, 2009
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Dinosaurs was last seen:
Mar 15, 2013
    1. Alphabet123
      did everyone you were assigned to get my giveaway pokemon?
    2. MCG93
      Could I get the pokemon I won from Alphabet's giveaway off you sometime. Just PM or VM me and I'll try to catch you online. I hope it's not too late
    3. ShadowRaven
      Hiya! I was wondering if I could pick up the Mew and Dratini from Alphabet's giveaway off you sometime? (I did win both, you can check his post if you don't believe me). Whenever you're free, just VM or PM me (even if I'm offline)!
    4. Defense
      Could I get my Pokemon sometime tommorow?
      The dratini isnt it? (if not both), Awesome, thanks :)
    5. Alphabet123
      thanks man... i went off to eat dinner, and it said you were online so yeah
    6. Alphabet123
      can i get my pokes back now?
    7. Alphabet123
      you have 10 people listed... you give them the pokemon(s) listed by their name... and thats it.
    8. Dinosaurs
      OK. lol i didnt see that lol.
    9. Alphabet123
      In the last post... you give the people what is listed... i still need to edit the op.
    10. Dinosaurs
      Ok, will do. I have to leave for a few mins to get my gf from work and will get those to you tonight around 8.
    11. Alphabet123
      i need 2 copies back for myself if you dont mind. (by two copies i mean 1 mew and 1 dratini... thats all)
    12. Alphabet123
      im about to give you guys the pokes...
    13. 06harrisj
      Hi! Are you still destributing for the Mew/Dratini Giveaway? Please can you PM me if you are still trading them. Thanks!
    14. Arikado
      Well, my timezone is +3 GMT, what is yours ? And can the Pokemon be level 1 ?
    15. Arikado
      Hey, can you clone Pokemon yourself ? If so, i need you to EV train a couple of my Pokemon. Are you ok with it ? Thanks in advance. :)
    16. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Every person has their own second. If yours came out to be 22, 22 should work fine.
    17. wowgek7
      about annacondas you made one mistake the biggest snake ever recorded was an annaconda as far as I know
    18. Dinosaurs
      TAomorrow is good. And new years eve, somewhat early, bc Im goin to a friends house and he doesnt have wifi.
    19. pastel
      well, i wont be able to trade till tommorrow or new year's eve.
    20. pastel
      hey, i got LF's ditto, but cant trade atm.d
    21. Christian
      You can breed for me.
      Reply in my thread
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    Platinum FC: 0861-1041-4109
    Heart Gold FC: 0603-9317-7429
    I can EV train for you, PM me. All I want is a clone. :toast:
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