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Dec 4, 2016 at 2:46 AM
Jun 11, 2007
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Jan 24, 1991 (Age: 25)


/me huggles, 25

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Viewing forum list, Dec 4, 2016 at 2:46 AM
    1. merman
      No idea. My connection is just fine.
    2. ZaChAttAcK101
      I got it dude. Thanks Again and I'll keep an eye out for anything else I may want from your thread =]. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
    3. ZaChAttAcK101
      Okay dude. I've put it up on GTS now =].
    4. ZaChAttAcK101
      Okay. The Scizor is Lv.49 and Male. My OT on this Game is Dawn and the request will be for the Dratini Lv.1 Male right? =]
    5. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hmm. I put USA but it doesn't let me put Maryland and the result still doesn't show =[. Are you sure that it's Lv.1 and Male or should I put up a Scizor and the dratini be traded for it?
    6. ZaChAttAcK101
      Are you sure? I can't find it or anything. =[. Should i put up a pokemon and you trade it to me? I can't find it in my searches.
    7. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Dude. Did you take the Dratini off of GTS? I didn't know you PM/VM'd me back about the Dratini and I just noticed you sent me a message =[.
    8. Miria
      Sorry for bothering you with a VM, I'm ready to trade however! And on Wifi. I took the FC from your signature I hope that was right. =)
    9. ZaChAttAcK101
      Heya dude. Ya ready to trade? =]
    10. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Dude. How's it going for ya man? I was sending a VM to see if you were ready to do the trade now? =]
    11. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey dude! How's it hanging? =]
    12. dozer
      go killl yourself ^^
    13. ZaChAttAcK101
      Awesomeness bro! Haha send me a VM then. I should be around tomorrow to pick it up =].
    14. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hmmm. Do you know of any other people on smogon that can clone and give you back the original and a copy? I think I only need the Careful one and I can save my 1 credit for another time.
    15. ZaChAttAcK101
      Ahhh. I hate this wifi that i'm using from somebody else. It never wants to let me trade with anyone. -_- ... The only way i've been able to complete trades is by using the GTS building.
    16. ZaChAttAcK101
      Oh BTW i don't know if you noticed, but I have a new FC xD. So my old one is out of commission.
    17. ZaChAttAcK101
      Sure. I'll add you and meet you on wifi too. Hopefully it works and let's me trade =O. See you on dude =].
    18. ZaChAttAcK101
      Haha. Sure I can clone them for you dude. When can I meet you on wifi?
    19. BlazeMurder
      I just stopped by to say thank you for putting me on the blacklist. It has taught me many things. I just want to say thank you. ^_^
    20. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Ditto. Long time no speak dude. I hope all is well with you =]. I was wondering if I may use my 2 remaining credits on two pokemon in your thread? If so, May i use them both on the adamant and careful natured dragonite?
    21. Politoed666
      I can try to be on about three hours from now.
    22. Politoed666
      Alright, sorry. Didn't see your message since I'm accustomed to getting one back on my page. Today is the deadline. When will you be available this afternoon?
    23. Ditto
      No, I have a performance tonight and am just about to leave for a rehearsal for another show coming up. I might be able to battle tomorrow though
    24. Politoed666
      Hey there. Will you be able to battle at any point this afternoon?
    25. Alakapimp
      I subbed out your opponent, your new opponent is Politoad666
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    Jan 24, 1991 (Age: 25)
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    Matt Miller
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