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Don Vascus
Last Activity:
Nov 18, 2017 at 7:40 AM
May 1, 2016
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Non-Dragonite Land
Self-proclaimed Volcarona spokesman

Don Vascus

from Non-Dragonite Land

Has someone noticed my absence Jul 14, 2017

Don Vascus was last seen:
Nov 18, 2017 at 7:40 AM
    1. Don Vascus
      Don Vascus
      Has someone noticed my absence
    2. The Squash
      The Squash
      Hi, we're paired for the firebot randbats tour. When do you want to play? I'm GMT-6. Sunday would work best for me, since I'm pretty busy this week.
      1. Don Vascus
        Don Vascus
        I cant do it in weekend, i go to the beach in that time and have very few hours of wifi. Maybe next week? Im gmt 5 btw
        Mar 1, 2017
      2. The Squash
        The Squash
        Sure, next week works for me. What time were you thinking? It might be difficult to coordinate due to the huge difference in our time zones.
        Mar 1, 2017
    3. Don Vascus
      Don Vascus
      Boo! I'm a spooky scary dragonite skeleton with stone edge and stealth rock. I've had some nightmares with it
    4. Don Vascus
      Don Vascus
      A minute of silence for small firebot
    5. Don Vascus
      Don Vascus
      100th post extravaganza, I guess I'll probably get to 1000th post an I'll will Giving off a big piece of nothing
      1. Mq
        gratz :)
        Sep 22, 2016
    6. Don Vascus
      Don Vascus
      Now selling pop corn and renting binoculares wherever small firebot's dumb shit happens!
      1. Don Vascus
    7. astroboy
      hows it goin man :)
      1. Don Vascus
        Don Vascus
        Not too great. I've been haxed in a boosting war against a clefable. I guess that made it S tier, I mean those stats!
        Jul 10, 2016
      2. astroboy
        oh jeez haha, hate it when that happens! thats why i try to stay away from using clef on the rare occasion i decide to play ou haha. dont know if i agree with it being the only 'mon in s, tho
        Jul 10, 2016
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  • Signature

    It feels good that Volcarona is OU now

    Avatar by boxofkangaroos

    If by any chance any meme i post is out dated, I honestly wouldn't care any less


    Non-Dragonite Land
    Self-proclaimed Volcarona spokesman
    Real Name:
    Someonenimous Potato
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Quick tempered
    The Awesome Don Vascus rules!!!1!!!

    1) Do not send Dragonite into Volcarona

    2) Please DO NOT send Dragonite into Volcarona (Please ;_;)

    3) It always need more Quiver Dance. No exceptions

    4) The more successful a sweep is, the more satisfying it is to end it

    5) There are NO girls playing Pokemon competitively

    6) A Bulk Up is fine too

    7) A Bulk Up leads to another

    8) Is a cool 30% chance of something bad to happen.It must happen

    9) Is a cool 50% chance of something good to happen. It must not happen

    10) Is a cool Guts User. You must burn it

    11) Is a cool, benched Ghost-Type. You must spam High Jump Kick

    12) If something fails, is because you didn't Quiver Dance enough

    14) Rule 13 must be skipped in order to not fail Aura Sphere (and things like that)

    15) Ambipon, Cinccino and Typhlosion must be RU, even if the RU council make the E rank a thing, dedicated to just them three

    16) If it exist, there is a parody about it. No exceptions

    17) If there aren't any parody about it, it will be created

    18) If it exist, there is a fanbase of it

    19)When you want to show off your money, you do it the right way. You do it like this:

    20) Saying " I have a lot of X" is WRONG. Thats why the term "LOADSA" have been invented

    21) For Loadsamoney, we all are poor people. No exceptions.

    22)There is always haxier things that what you just saw

    23) There are always worse ways to use a Pokemon

    24) While spamming !s, a 1 must be in there.

    25) That's a cool movepool. The Pokemon must be a Caterpie-like Pokemon, stats-wise talking

    26) That are some cool stats/abilities.The Pokemon must have Magikarp's movepool

    27) No matter what, people always want a lower tier.

    28) Anything can be broken if the tier goes low enough. No exceptions

    29) Anything can sweep. No exceptions

    30) There's always a noob out there. No exceptions

    31) Don Vascus+OM=A Volcarona post

    32) Focus Sash is the God of Trolling made an item. Especially with Magic Guard

    33) Is up to Donald Trump to make Smogon great again, with Firebot

    34) Firebot must have leftovers with Sticky Hold in order to avoid Knock Off/Theif/Covet/Bestow+Endevator shenenigans

    35) If you pass 10, you must get up to 25. If you pass 25, you must get up to 50. If you pass 50, you must get up to 100. Passed that the next benchmark is 50 more

    36) Firebot Development Lab's threads can be anything, but it must be jokish

    37) That's why is so boring to play it

    38) Not even Chansey knows how to play stall well

    39) Screw order. You can put things in any order

    40) When something is about to end, IT MUST GET HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!

    40) Sticking broken moves to Pokemons isn't accepted as a Theorymons OU submission, BUT STICKING RECOVERY IS!!!1!!!

    42) Asian are always superior. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!1!!!!

    43) Being hardcore doesn't last to long

    44) But Getting hardcore is TOO EASY!!!!1!!!!!

    45) There will be always a "and Knuckles" version. No exceptions

    46) If Landorus-T goes to UU, IT MEANS IS THE END OF THE F*CKING WORLD!!!!1!!!!!

    47) Your wishes aren't comands for big companies. Especially if you want it a lot

    48) Something can be considered an accion something if every situation (no exceptions) is a near-to-[INSERT BAD THING HERE] situation

    49) If Dragonite gets STAB Extreme Speed, is broken. No exceptions

    50) THE LAST ONE IS THE MOST HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51) Everything wrote above is in sake of comedy
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