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Jun 7, 2011
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The only thing I look up to is the sky

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    1. Harsha

      you realize his penis is out >:(
    2. Stolen
      hey, i'm GMT -3, i can play today in 8 hours, i'll be on the server...
    3. cbt
      hi we have to play for pkmn freedom, same timezone, so shouldnt be too hard to schedule, but do note i cant play from the 21st to the 28th because of irl stuff, so just pm me on irc to schedule a time
    4. HeIIraiser
    5. Ha In Kang
      Ha In Kang
      ok, - live first -
    6. Ha In Kang
      Ha In Kang
      now if you want ..
    7. HSA
      interesting ct
    8. Knight1337
      Im GMT -3,Im avaliable to play all this week at night (7pm till 10pm)
      I already have my team,Can u play now?
    9. BKC
      god ur sig is so gay
    10. Memphis Grizzly
    11. Zukai
      okay, sunday is good, what time do you want to play. (also i guess we are playing on grotto)
    12. Male
      Hi dragonuser I am new to all this and this my first time on a forum as well. You locked my ou rate my team as it hasn't got any description for the pokemon I choose. Could you unlock it for me to edit or do I have to send you a message with there descriptions ?
      Many thanks.
    13. Zukai
      saturday is good, 10 my time is the latest is can really play, is that okay for you?
    14. Shadow Poochyena
      Shadow Poochyena
      Sorry, I just had a question. I'm new to Smogon forums and am trying to create my first RMT. I was just wondering how to incorporate the sprites into my post?
    15. Zukai
      hi, you and me are playing in the sequels are never good tournament, i'm GMT +1 and i'm totally free until june 2nd, after that i'm still pretty open to play, when do you want to battle?
    16. shinylugia49
      New descriptions: Mew: I chose mew as a lead because it's fairly unpredictable, has stealth rock, counters other leads with taunt/magic coat, and kill 1 pokemon with the normal gem explosion. Taunt and Magic coat may seem redundant but magic coat has a +4 priority which ensures it'll be faster than lead terrakion, aerodactyl, azelf, and infernape.

      Ninetales: Ninetales is obviously the mvp of any sun team. I chose the defensive set because It needs to stay alive so I can win the weather war. If it dies without winning the weather war I pretty much lose the game. Sunny day may seem redundant but it's there if a politoed/tryanitar come in and I don't feel like switching.

      Dugtrio: Dugtrio is a very effective trapper and revenge killer and is here for opposing weather changers like politoed and tyranitar. It can also kill stuff like jirachi and tentacruel with earthquake; Volcarona and flying types with stone edge. I chose memento for the last slot because I feel stealth rock isn't needed with mew and .5 atk and sp atk is just awesome.

      Venusaur: Under the sun venusaur will pretty much always go first and pull off a successful sleep powder then proceed to use growth to sweep the entire enemy team. If the opponent switches I would just do another sleep powder. Giga drain is an obvious stab and hp fire is for steel types and is boosted by the sun. The Ivs minimize foul play/confusion damage and still pull off the hp fire.

      Victini: He is so strong with vcreate these are some damage calcs to very bulky pokemon and pokemon that resist it (this is without the sun)
      V-create vs. 252/244+ Hippowdon: 62.14% - 73.09%
      V-create vs. 252/0 Gastrodon: 64.78% - 76.29%
      V-create vs. 0/0 Salamence: 73.11% - 86.1%
      V-create vs. 0/0 Garchomp: 58.82% - 69.46%
      V-create vs. 248/216+ Jellicent: 46.65% - 55.08%
      V-create vs. 0/0 Keldeo: 68.11% - 80.18%
      V-create vs. 0/0 Rotom-W: 78.51% - 92.56%

      Heatran: Tbh Heatran is pretty much just a placeholder on this team because I can't find any pokemon to replace it. With that being said his typing allows him to switch into a lot of moves and his movepool allows him to have some great coverage. With air balloon he could even switch into the dreaded earthquake.
    17. Furai
      do the nom now fuk harsha js
    18. PROBLEMS
      yeh, where would you like to play?
    19. PROBLEMS
      ey man, when do you fancy playing for UPL? I'm pretty much on all day today and tomorrow (GMT+0)

      A+ for Clarity reference
    20. HSA
    21. Harsha
      agreed, waiting is a bitch because i always watch / read old animes and mangas so i'm not used to weekly waits, but monthly waits are just awful, especially now that i'm on summer vacation and have little to do
    22. Harsha
      nah i do both, i'm not fully caught up with the manga but i'm at chapter 35 so i will be today or tomorrow lol. the chapters are really long which is kinda nice but they're so infrequent :/
    23. ZoroDark
      I'm CST, and I'm on between 2pm-7ish pm, or randomly later, in the week. I'm on a lot during random times throughout the weekend as well. Is there any IRC channel I can find you; I'm more of a PO player myself, so.
    24. Marshall.Law
      can you play in 10 min ? If yes, I will be on grotto
      If no, let's play at 3 pm est
    25. Marshall.Law
      hey, when do you wanna play for terrorist ?
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