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Aug 5, 2016
Jun 7, 2011
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The only thing I look up to is the sky

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Aug 5, 2016
    1. Breloom2088
      Without any attack investment mega mawile's offensive presence decreases significantly so while that attack stat is kind of a niche your still losing out on around 200 attack points here
    2. Breloom2088
      Now that I think about it, other counters for breloom and terrakion have much more utility to offer(skarmory has defog and suicune has calm mind to potentially sweep for example) than mega mawile
    3. Breloom2088
      I shortened the list of counters to terrakion and breloom so I could post the post those posts because there are a LOT of counters to them
    4. Breloom2088
      Clefable can counter dragons AND stallbreak giving it much more utility(all mega mawile can do is attempt to use an unreliable form of recovery to 'counter' certain threats and one it mega evolves it loses intimidate) one thing that I forgot to mention(too be continued) is that although it may have seemed like I slacked off in the counter department for terrakion and breloom
    5. Breloom2088
      doesn't counter dragonite. Even if mega mawile did counter dragonite clefable would still be the superior choice. The reason for that is that if you need to put a good answer on your team to a specific poke you would choose the one that offers more to your team (too be continued)
    6. Breloom2088
      Mega mawile beats Cbb nite( the lack of attack investment means no eq 3hko). In your first post(on My profile page) you were talking about why use skarmory to counter d-nite when hippowdon counters d-nite. I just established that physically defensive mega mawile(too be continued)
    7. Breloom2088
      Mega Mawile doesn't counter dd nite either. If mega mawile switches into eq and dragonite eqs again it takes play rough with multiscale and koes with the next eq(if mega mawile uses rest on the second eq, d-nitd has a decent shot at winning). too be continued
    8. Breloom2088
      Let me show you the calc -1 252+ Atk Choice Band Dragonite Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Mega Mawile: 152-180 (50 - 59.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO. So. even at minus 1 mega mawile gets 2hkoed by the most common dragonite set and therefore it is not a counter(too be continued)
    9. Breloom2088
      I asked again and a decent amount of people said yes. I think we can agree that choice band d-nite is arguably the best set just based off of that. I also checked the usage statistics(which I backed up) and choice band d-nite was the most common set(too be continued)
    10. Breloom2088
      I (this post starts off at the end of the last one) actually backed them up this time. I went (for lack of a better word) on the on the ou chat room and asked if choice band d-nite was the best set and at first, most people,we're taling about how all d-nites are good (too be continued)
    11. Breloom2088
      Dragonuser, after more extensive thought I realized that my points on terrakion and breloom weren't very good.My point on d-nite still stands though and heres why. Although you said usage statistics aren't a good point to bring up too be continued
    12. leanhtuan105
      Hello i'm new user of Smogon and Pokemon. Right now i'm trying to breeding Pokemon for battling online and so i have some question. Can you be my mentor? Thank.
    13. Breloom2088
      Knock off used to be there in the moveset statistics but no langer does and if it does have some usage it's the move in other and has 18% usage
    14. Breloom2088
      Dragonuser, the setup sweeper mega mawile set should have fire fang listed as the first option for the third move slot. On the usage statistics fire fang has high usage on mega mawile (45 % on the 1695 ladder and 55% on the high ladder)
    15. Breloom2088
      I used terrakion,breloom, and dragonite as examples to show you that the resttalk set sucks. I even checked the usage statistics and the resttalk set evs didn't show up anywhere unless it's in the "other". In conclusion, the resttalk set sucks and is never used so I believe it should go.
    16. Breloom2088
      Breloom is easily countered by mega venusaur,amoonguss, skarmory ( breloom can 't do much to skarmory anyway) and breloom is easily checked by latios,latias,gengar, and dragonite.
    17. Breloom2088
      Terrakion is easily countered by mega venusaur,slowbro,suicune, and hippowdon and those counters all have reliable recovery and take hits better than mawile can.
    18. Breloom2088
      Clefable can do other things outside of countering dragonite such as stallbreak,it can heal itself as well as it's teammates making it a great team supporter unlike mawile,has unaware for boosted threats, and a a bonus doesn't take up a mega slot that's not worth it.
    19. Breloom2088
      Dragonuser, you need to revamp your ou mega mawile thread. First off, I believe that the resttalk mega mawile set needs to be removed. The heavy defense investment is there to take hits from threats such as Breloom,Terrakion, and Dragonite.
    20. Mizuhime
      we fight on weekend o.o
      1. dragonuser
        sunday plz
        Jul 9, 2014
      2. Mizuhime
        sunday night
        Jul 9, 2014
    21. KratosMana
      i'm gmt -3, i would like to play next week but i still don't know the exact day that i will be on, but i will make sure to contact you when i do
      1. View previous comments...
      2. KratosMana
        how does Friday night sound? Around 23:00(my time)
        Jun 25, 2014
      3. KratosMana
        so, what do you say? tomorrow night
        Jun 26, 2014
      4. dragonuser
        that should work, although there is a really small chance i may not be able to make it, you fine with this weekend (preferably sunday) as backup?
        Jun 27, 2014
    22. Memphis Grizzly
      Memphis Grizzly
      Good luck with wcop
    23. Valentine
      sstars when play
    24. Suhnny
      1. dragonuser
        May 30, 2014
    25. wishes
      Hey, just letting you know, you didn't capitalize 'Head' in Iron Head on the Mawile analysis :)
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