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Jul 24, 2016 at 10:12 PM
Jun 7, 2011
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The only thing I look up to is the sky

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dragonuser was last seen:
Jul 24, 2016 at 10:12 PM
    1. Celever
      Heya you're apparently on now so should we get this LC match done?
      1. dragonuser
        ok ill get on ori
        Dec 1, 2013
    2. Mael
      Hello, fellow seaking, we gotta play for yolo, my timezone is gmt +1 when do you want to play?
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      2. dragonuser
        i think thats actually the only day this week where that may be an issue lol

        There is a small chance I could get back early and be on closer to 7, if not lets plan for friday or saturday
        Dec 4, 2013
      3. Mael
        I'll be online for an hour or probably even 2 now :)
        Dec 6, 2013
      4. dragonuser
        hi message me on irc when you see this (I see you're 30 min afk) so we can fight
        Dec 6, 2013
    3. Celever
      Have to fight for NURULClynpics I'm British time (GMT+1 atm) and am free all day weekends and like 5-9 after school except on thursday where it's like 7-9 \o/
      1. dragonuser
        can we fight sunday (possibly later than 9pm for you)
        Nov 27, 2013
      2. Celever
        Uh yeah I think so. I'm moving my computer to my Dad's house that day so I might miss it but I doubt it.
        Nov 27, 2013
      3. dragonuser
        then lets just fight now?
        Nov 27, 2013
    4. Aura Sensei™
    5. Nails
      hey noob we have to fite for omaha tourney when do you wanna get smashed


      ugh thats the angriest red panda pic i could find but it's still extremely cute. oh well. :/

      also how the fuk do i link pictures on walls it autoformats the url in. bs imo
      1. dragonuser
        omg hi

        lets fight on the weekend :))))

        p.s please dont bring that red panda to our fight, id at least like to have a chance
        Nov 21, 2013
      2. Lady Salamence
        Lady Salamence
        you will be given an extension due to nails being subbed in during the middle of the round
        Nov 25, 2013
    6. TUO
      We are playing in DerDomme cup so yeah. uh I can play in the weekend, I remember before you were some american timezone, but i forgot. I'm GMT+8 and can play most of the day on the weekend, and frequent on #littlecup
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      2. TUO
        I can actually play around the time before and during the #firebot movie night, wanna do it then? (7:30PM EST)
        Nov 22, 2013
      3. dragonuser
        sure just message me on irc
        Nov 22, 2013
      4. TUO
        sorry woke up really late, I'll be on #pokemon right now
        Nov 22, 2013
    7. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      your new opponent is nails, who has been given priority over jidan for activity reasons. do your fight soon, but if you absolutely need an extension i will consider it.
      1. dragonuser
        should be able to fight within a few days since i see him a ton
        Nov 20, 2013
    8. atomicllamas
      Hi we have each other for the YOLO tournament R1, I am GMT -6 and next weekend is probably our best shot, although I may be around Wednesday afternoon, let me know what works for you!
      1. dragonuser
        I'm EST (I believe that that is GMT-6), and can really make any time on weekends and play from 5-11 on weekdays. Just message me if you are free wednesday, otherwise I'm sure we will have plenty of time on the weekend
        Nov 18, 2013
    9. BKC
      [00:40] * ~dragonuser (dragonuser@synIRC-45742AD8.dc.dc.cox.net) Quit (Quit: )
      [00:40] <&gr8astard> damn
      [00:40] <&gr8astard> you scared him away
      [00:40] <&BKC> what a pussy
      [00:40] <&BKC> its ok ill get him on the forums
      [00:41] <&gr8astard> this is why you only scream to tough men

      1. dragonuser
        didn't even see that :[|]
        Nov 17, 2013
    10. Gary2346
      Wow I thought you said that you were posting that Mawile was up for grabs lol. No you can definitely have it. Sorry about that! I need to stop skimming.
      1. dragonuser
        haha its np!
        Nov 16, 2013
    11. alexwolf
      Hey man, your remember that you must name the sets of your finished previews right?
      1. dragonuser
        yea sorry for delay, I will have them all done by tomorrow night latest
        Nov 13, 2013
    12. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Hello. You have signed up for Smogon Omaha 3 and have not yet sent in your Pokémon. Please do so.
    13. Usatoday
      Aren't you dragon user from serebi if not sorry ^_^ guardian cup
      1. Usatoday
        Sorry bout that was looking for jirachiuser -_-
        Nov 9, 2013
    14. Usatoday
      We still on for tnite 7 your time?
    15. Elise
      So we're linked to each other in the Apprentice Program :]
      Could you tell me what server you're usually at?
      I hope this will be a fun experience :D
    16. AccidentalGreed
    17. gamer369
      sorry for bothering you, but what does PM mean? (I know, I'm a noob...)
    18. Edgar
      we need to play for MUTE, when do u want to play? I can only play at night on the weekends atm, my timezone is gmt -6 :]
    19. Blue Jay
      Blue Jay
      Hey, sorry, I've been extremely busy the past two weeks. Is it too late for the MUTE match now? I'm UTC and should be able to make most times on the weekend.
    20. Haruno
      Isn't it counterproductive to not allow users to post new threads in the 6th gen rmt? .-.
    21. tcr
      big bad du
    22. Helias
      Quick comment on your Smeargle preview thing since it's already technically complete. Did you ever consider slashing Dark Void after Spore, considering that Grass-types are immune to Spore now?
    23. LizardMan

    24. King
      same, im gmt-6 but you know how to reach me and i know how to reach you so this should be able to be done easily. i'm pming you on irc as we speak. gl
    25. royal flush
      royal flush
      sooo I ended not showing, my bad ): it seems we got an extension though, is saturday after tour any good for you?
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