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Apr 8, 2011
Jul 10, 2007
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New York


from New York

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Apr 8, 2011
    1. joshk_bra
      yeah im from hawaii, well on Oahu to be exact =P
      But im not going to pay to play pokemon on a different island if im not good hahaha
      I know nothing about VGC play =/
      Did you enter?
    2. SCDL
      I don't know from where it is. sorry about that. :(
    3. SCDL
      I traded from someone on Smogon. Some people have it in their trade thread. For me it was free and I have fully redis rights.
    4. SCDL
      I have a flawless Timid fully redis Ditto.
    5. Bakus
      Sleep well!
    6. Bakus
      Thank you for the quick EV job :)
    7. Bakus
      Haha, that's fine - Rayquaza and moon ball Sneasel are both on my SS so please add that? ^^

      I'll come on once I add your FC :)
    8. Bakus
      But...I mean, lol, it's not like you'll never get it if you want to keep the credits to decide later. Haha, I'm just trying to be a bit considerate is all :)
    9. Bakus
      Haha - well, keep in mind that I'm in UNI so I only have time to trade during weekends. And some weekends I might stay up there for work/volunteer service/studying/friends so yah, ahaha. It's probably best for you to pick now unless you like waiting, XD.

      I don't mind waiting an additional 30mins for you to pick something ^^
    10. Bakus
      Haha, I think you're looking at my partner's trade side? My pokes are a little down :P

      I don't think I own many non-RNG pokes that aren't free in my adoption agency, haha.
    11. Bakus
      The Kyogre is away since someone borrowed it and I don't have a copy left still *it's been a couple of months though...lol*

      Do you want to keep the credit for it or pick something else?
      And Sneasel as in my Moon Ball one or something else? :P
    12. Bakus
      Haha - yeah, thanks ^^ Flawless for HP Ice methinks. And amazingly fast EV training too :)

      Anyways, what two pokes do you want? ^^
    13. Bakus
      Erm, if it's still a Mareep that's best, but it doesn't matter all too much :)
    14. Drockan_Firestorm
      No worries. I'm seeing some awesome stuff in your trade thread, but this other project I'm working on has a time limit, and I'm running a little behind
    15. CPrime
      Thanks again for cloning.
    16. CPrime
      I just need 2 Zapdos' and 2 Heracross' back, and I'll be good to go. Thanks!
    17. CPrime
      Ok, I'll just write you down for a credit then. How long does cloning take usually?
    18. CPrime
      I'll wait online for you to come back with 2 Baltoys, then I'll give you the other 2 to clone. Is there anything from my thread that you want as payment?
    19. CPrime
      Well, I'll go out on a limb and hope you don't steal my pokemon, haha. Which of your FCs should I add? I'll be going on with my SS.
    20. CPrime
      Yeah, a few things. Do you have any references or anything? Not to be overly suspicious or anything, but...
    21. Bakus
      Sounds good - coming on now :)
    22. Bakus
      and of course I need to know which FC to add too, haha.
    23. Bakus
      Sounds good - can you please add my Platinum? I'll be on in a jiffy.

      And I know it shouldn't be said (since yah common sense, haha), but EV training must be done the old fashioned way. Regular Vitamins and battling with pokerus and power items, lol.

      Anyways, if you can give it to me on time, you can pick out 2things from the thread since it is a rushed order :)
    24. Bakus
      Yes, it's a simple project, 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SDef. Well. SDef can be a slight pain, but yeah, lol. It needs to be below 50 though.

      Tell me if that's fine :) And I'd rather you not keep a copy, since it's for someone else. Only a Mareep really, lol.
    25. ΩDonut
      Hey man! I got the vid, but I haven't uploaded it yet.
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