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Apr 2, 2017
Nov 14, 2008
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from Philippines

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Apr 2, 2017
    1. Ryner
      Hi, do you still trade? I really want Kazo's Latias and it seems like you're the only one out of 5 winners who's currently active and owns trade thread(other than Fenix54, who I was supposed to trade Kazo's Latias with, but he lost his save file).

      If you're still looking for Uber Pokemon, I have Psychoward-something(can't remember his user)'s flawless Timid Shiny Rayquaza, flawless Timid Shiny Lugia, flawless Timid Manaphy, and flawless Timid Shiny Mewtwo(all from same guy).

      I got some more but that's all I could think of. If you want to trade with any of these Pokemon, let me know and we can trade.

      If you're looking for different Pokemon, let me know and I'll check if I have it or not, Thank You!
    2. squirtlesquad14
      Lynyrd! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Kamusta ka na? Okay na PC mo? :)
    3. stingray_spin
      Hi mate, I can clone for you if you want.
    4. Gir!
      Hey, I dont know if you consider me trustworthy, but I can clone if needed
    5. The Giritina-man
    6. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Are you online yet?
    7. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      So, 2 copies plus original?
    8. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Sure thing...just PM me when ready to go.
      I grab the FC in your sig, right? You can grab the one for the Cloning in mine (last FC listed).
    9. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      That'd be fine....I would've done that in the first place. LOL

      Go ahead and grab the last FC in my sig and let me know who and how many are needed.
    10. megamonk4
      no problem! :D

      If you ever need any pokemon cloned, just let me know...
    11. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      I have a giveaway going on right now.
      I have services of: cloning, SID, EV training.....LF's and Syberia's Ditto, Negator's Birds.

      But I'm not much of a breeder, therefore don't have perfect Pokemon to trade with others.
      Also, I coulda sworn you had the power to send a copy to anybody who wanted one.
    12. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      So, I was looking through your Trade thread. I saw a pretty, shiny, yellow, Dragon type Pokemon.
      How would I get the pretty Pokemon?
    13. megamonk4
      okay, I'm about to get on wifi in a few seconds.
    14. megamonk4
      I have a question. Do you want 3+original or just 3 of each?
    15. megamonk4
      you're welcome, :). Thank you
    16. megamonk4
      another thing I want to tell you is that I play wifi through my DSi, but I don't AR to support it, so I have to do it through my DS Lite. This will only be a bit longer than a usual cloner. But I still do my job quickly... :D
    17. megamonk4
      I'm getting on wifi now.
    18. megamonk4
      sure...I just need to catch 4 pokemon(won't take long I have some masterballs) and I'll meet you online.
    19. megamonk4
      I can clone for you if you like, :)...

      I've done it for Pikachu25 and Cool Ivysaur before just in case you wanted people to ask...
    20. Chronix
    21. Chronix
      hey drynyl i am currently rng'ing, so can the prize be held for me for later on?
    22. Chronix
      hey dude do you mind if i make 3 clones of that tyrogue so it can be each of its 3 evolutions? or would you prefer if it wasnt?
    23. squirtlesquad14
      Wooohooo! Go Philippines! Exciting! XD
    24. squirtlesquad14
      Hahaha pareho tayo ng iniisip!! Gusto ko rin magpagiveaway kaso wala akong Fighting Pokemon! Ayos yun! Panoorin mo muna yung laban! Sulit kasi hanggang 12th round hahaha! :D
    25. squirtlesquad14
      Panalo si Pacquiao!! HAHAHA! XD
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