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E-Hero Swine Sout
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Aug 1, 2010
Jan 6, 2008
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Amongst the swine

E-Hero Swine Sout

from Amongst the swine

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Aug 1, 2010
    1. E-Hero Swine Sout
      E-Hero Swine Sout
      i dont think i have a clone but you can have the original, im not too fussed ;p ill add you so just poke me if you catch me online at all and we can trade :D
    2. Bond697
      I'm home and I will be for the rest of the night. Just let me know when you'll be ready.

      4082 8057 2642
    3. E-Hero Swine Sout
      E-Hero Swine Sout
      its updated now getting online
    4. Graham
      Let me know when it's updated
    5. E-Hero Swine Sout
      E-Hero Swine Sout
      ive been rather well :3 not played much pokemon until the HGSS game was released, got me the US version to keep ahead on the downloads :D ive mostly been playing the PS3 to be honest so ive been out of the competitive spotlight for a while. i cant get onto my pojo account any more cause my password doesnt work so im back here pretty much. wanting to get back into battling since the new screen shots for the 5th gen have been released and its got me going again XD hope theres still some life left in these old mamotusks of mine to battle :p any chance you have any of the event pokemon listed on my page?
    6. Itsuki
      Long time no see. How ya been?
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    Amongst the swine
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