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    Big (Official) Cyberpunk Mafia - Night 2

    The things done for a banner
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    Things you dislike

    I enjoy kale on the basis that you can swallow it really quickly and that the bad taste is offset by the feel-good "I just ate a superfood" feeling
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    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    Here's a few pictures of me, I'm sure ppl have been dying to see what the low impact Circus+Firebot poster Earlio looks like that was sarcastic in case ur dumb
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    End of year awards/recap?

    That game lost to mafia itself, best 72 hours ever
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    Pet Mods General Discussion Thread

    I'd be all for the Grand Slam idea, sounds like a great way to expand our community+test out the metagames! Although a lot of pet mods aren't fully coded yet, which leads me into my next question... Is there anywhere I could learn how to code for PS? I have decent coding experience (AP Computer...
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    Big (Official) Cyberpunk Mafia - Night 2

    gulf oil spill
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    NOC Laser Tag NOC - GAME OVER | Mafia Win

    Hey don't lynch me pls, Hawkie and I just like to argue Lynch Apricity
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    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    Drill run is virtually Earthquake after Tough Claw’s boost, and SD is better than Hone Claws in virtually any scenario (as a +1 Edge that never misses still has less overall damage output than a +2 80% accuracy Edge)
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    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    Depends on the pokemon, if Landorus is just that flexible in filling multiple roles while still easy to check, I don't see any problems
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    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    We've already said why usage rlly doesn't matter here, why are u so fixated on it? good and useful =/= broken
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    Eternal Pokémon (Submission Phase - Joltik, Ferroseed, Klang, & Eelektrik)

    Ponyta: RR RR, Mygavolt, Earlio Smoochum: Ludicrousity, S.Court, Mygavolt Snorunt: Origin0, Exploudit, Chazm Chingling: Earlio, Mygavolt, Origin0
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    oh yeah and gratz

    oh yeah and gratz