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May 11, 2014
Oct 30, 2009
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December 15


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May 11, 2014
    1. Harlot
    2. Harlot
      use a pikachu on ur team those are strong
    3. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      quite charming am i right

      i've been using scarf rotom for months on spiking teams and i have a really similar team to apocalypsethat i gave to a friend who's friends with mostwanted, and mostwanted based his team off that lol.

      if you wanna use a gay heatran, use sub toxic...fucks gastrodon / washtom / jellicent up real bad. also i used dark horse when i was starting to play bw and its actually really good although metagross's spot should probably be ditched for ferrothorn or something
    4. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      Children of Ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      lol what you should do is raise Tornadus awareness! specs hurricane rips everything apart with spike support. i've been using forry alongside it for hazard + spin support, and scarf rotom-w to abuse hazards + beat setup sweepers. toed is a piece of shit but its obligatory :(
    5. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      i have a feeling that was sacrasm! but children of bodom would be sweet lol, and never forget about lamb of god

      fuck the screens team, go back to the days of Dark Horse and make bulky offense
    6. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      i demand your 1k team have some sort of cool theme...the who? would suffice but pantera would be ideal
    7. Tomahawk
      congrats in advance for winning the poster of the month!!
    8. Pocket
      lol copycat :p
    9. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      hop on falchat btw its easier than vming
    10. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      go to school!!!!!!!!
    11. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      no prob, hop on fal's blog btw
    12. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      chek da ou rmt archive noms
    13. Harlot
      ew hu is dis newb and y did he friend request me

    14. Pocket
      shit, you changed your avatar :0
    15. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      alright peace
    16. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      gdi come back on! theyre done now anyways lol
    17. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      oh shit lol. i'm on the smogon serv because i'm playing in tour but i'll hop on the po server as -BKC
    18. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      po!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm on my main so no alt confusion
    19. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      i'll be on at like...9 pm my time at earliest (3 pm your time) because i've got basketball and then at night there's the tour which i'm ready to kick ass in. it's dpp, you should join!
    20. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      its 10:44 pm right now so i doubt i'll be on for much longer but tomorrow maybe!
    21. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      hey dude hop on the smogon server if you have some time, i'm on my main
    22. zapdos=god
      hey 4th gen ou match?
    23. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      yeah that's how gay excadrill is. i ended up using skarm as my spiker instead of ferrothorn / roserade because it was such a pain in the ass

      Start of turn 12
      Boneyards. called Scizor back!
      Boneyards. sent out Rotom-W!
      Pointed stones dug into Rotom-W!

      The foe's Gyarados used Thunderbolt!
      Rotom-W lost 90 HP! (34% of its health)
      The foe's Skulkraken is hurt by its Life Orb!

      Rain continues to fall!

    24. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      i did use some standard sand for a few matches here and there but i've mostly stuck with sun stall, really gay non-weather stall, and my u-turn + volt switch team [which is what i'm gonna make an rmt of!]. i call it team BONEYARDS after the Parkway Drive song :D

      also, i have a screen of when i peaked [1490!!!] so i'll use that.

      thanks :)
    25. kill yourself
      kill yourself
      i did a few battles to prevent decay [which btw is really fucking stupid] and got haxed outta reqs D:

      i must attempt to re-gain them
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