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May 3, 2014
Apr 4, 2010
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    1. bobbyvaporeon
      you. me. Helping Hand Tour. WHen?
      1. Ein
        I am EST, does sometime Wednesday work for you? I am free most of the day.
        Feb 17, 2014
    2. chimpact
      when would you like to play for tutee tour?
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      2. Ein
        Can you link me?
        Feb 10, 2014
      3. chimpact
      4. Ein
        Challenge sent.
        Feb 10, 2014
    3. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Hey Ein! I'm your tutor for Battling 101 Round 80!
      You seem to be in the EST timezone, which may be inconvenient for me(I'm GMT+8!)
      Are you able to wake up in the mornings (7 am - 9 am) for tutoring? Otherwise we can only have sessions on weekends.
      1. Metal Sonic
        Metal Sonic
        Dear Ein,

        If you could log on tonight (around 9 to 10 pm EST) we can start our first session and discuss scheduling and other matters then.

        Please click this link when you are online and wait patiently for me to log on, then we can chat :)

        Jan 10, 2014
      2. Ein
        That I can do. :)
        Jan 10, 2014
    4. BattleStar
      Dear Team Rocket Corporation member Ein,

      We would like to know why you have been inactive.

      We have many activities and things to participate that go on here in the Team Rocket Corporation; such as the Make-A-Move game, the Who's that Pokemon game, and our weekly newsletter The Modern Grunt, which is a very interesting and you can write for it yourself. Team Rocket Corporation offers on the competitive side as well. We are very into battles and hold Tournies and Giveaways. PO and Wi-Fi are both used in our group. We also have an excellent cafe that offers a mix of familiar food and drink items and items that are hand-sprited specifically for the cafe. It also functions as a spam room.

      We request you become more active because we do not want to boot you, but will if we have to.

      Sincerely, the Team Rocket Corporation Headquarters

      Team Rocket Corporation
    5. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Hello there Scientist. You haven’t been very active in the SSIS lately. We need you in the Science and Engineering Dept. To help lead out in pokémon studies and development. Please check out the SSIS and the Sci and Eng Dept. ASAP and give all the input you can.
    6. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Yeah just go to the contact Details and download my V-Card
    7. Impact
      Did you get ninetails done yet?
    8. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      my saturday or your saturday
    9. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      So, hows my Millitary team going?
    10. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      i have a job for you, i need you to help my Millitary team please. Artemus said ask a scientist and i thought of you
    11. Impact
      Sure, take your time
    12. Impact
      Alright thanks :)
    13. Impact
      Also, forgot to mention that I would like it to have heat wave. Sorry for not mentioning it.
    14. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      Welcome, to the SSIS! Thank you for choosing to join our agency. Now that you are a new recruit I recommend you pay a visit to the "Positions" thread in our group and choose a position you would like to take up within the agency. This is mandatory in order to move up the ranks. If you have anymore questions, please contact me.

      -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    15. Impact
    16. Impact
      I need a ninetales with:

      Nature: Modest
      Ability: Drought
      IVs: 31/2/30/31/31/31

    17. Impact
      OK, can you RNG me a drought ninetails?
    18. Impact
      What gen can you rng in?
    19. Bruno Magno
      Bruno Magno
      May you send me the Brave one via file for 1 credit? :)
    20. Bruno Magno
      Bruno Magno
      What natures does Ditto have? I'm interested in Brave, Quiet, Jolly and Bold
    21. Str0ngbad
      Our summers are no fun but they aren't that bad. This year was exceptionally bad though. Most days over 100 degrees ever and a long drought have lead to a lot of really bad fires.
    22. Str0ngbad
      I imagine it will be fixed in a day or two. I live in Texas so we still have a little while before it really cools off here.
    23. Str0ngbad
      The fan isn't starting so the car gets too hot. It is likely a cheap fix but I don't know yet. It is a small town but I live out in the countryside; about 20 minutes drive from town. It will be fixed soon, I'm sure but I'm glad I'll have a job to pay for the repairs.
    24. Str0ngbad
      My old church doesn't either. This is the biggest one in our town but it is a small town. I've just been very involved in leading music for many of the churches so I am very familiar with the people at most of them. Whenever a music minister had to go out of town or went on vacation or a mission trip, they always called me to fill in. I'm really glad to obecause otherwise I would probably never have gotten this job and need it badly. My car died today. :(
    25. Str0ngbad
      Yeah, it's nothing like that. It's an old church that is just now spending a lot of money to catch up with technology,
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