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  • Hi there, I got an error message. Don't know how it got disconnected though.
    Would you like a rematch in OU, perhaps?
    Aww it DCed. But after reading some comments on your profile seems like it DCs a lot.
    What happened man? We totally just got DCed! I think you may need to fix your internetz. Cool battle though. With that Sleep on Azumarril, I think I would've one. My Moltres could've taken your Gallade and Venusaur out, (Gallade is now BL. It can't be used in UU), and my Hitmontop could've raped your Umbreon, and my Raikou would've beaten your Azumarril to a pulp. And whatever was left, I am sure A Splode from rEgi would've taken it out.
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