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Oct 23, 2014 at 2:38 AM
May 3, 2011
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Oct 23, 2014 at 2:38 AM
    1. Superpowerdude
    2. Furai
      hey man, how's the Ubers logo?
    3. Luxpluff91
      Drifloon rocks
    4. Sayonara
    5. Zracknel
      Ah, no problem-- I'll do that right away. Thanks for pointing it out :)
    6. The Knights of Wario Land
      The Knights of Wario Land
      Unfortunately I should've realized that too : /

      I might have to ask an administrator or super mod to lock it up soon, it's getting really out of hand.
    7. WaterBomb
      I understand your frustration, and I apologize I cannot relieve it for you. I do my best to be as courteous and respectful as I can in my arguments so that a peaceful disagreement can be had, but sometimes that's difficult on sensitive issues like this. You're right, we agree on the major stuff and it's a few hair-splits we disagree on, although given the seriousness of the overall issue I won't dismiss them as "unimportant". Once again I apologize if any of my expressions have offended you, you're an excellent poster and I hope you continue standing by those beliefs you have. Thanks for the response!
    8. WaterBomb
      thank you for responding to my posts in a civilized manner. I know we may not disagree on some points, but I really respect your patience and tolerance in dealing with opposing points of view. I hope you don't view me as a sick or evil individual because of all this.
    9. jumpluff
      Thank you for your posts in the Daniel Tosh thread. The thread badly needed some actual discussion added, instead of a bunch of uneducated users judging rape victims and making old, tired, derisive comments about the subject.
    10. OVERGRO
      Love the 'loons haha
    11. ToastTyrant13
    12. DjGopher
      Sorry for the late reply..
      Lightning is a thin jolt of fast moving energy, so I'd go for something that looks more like a crack in a window.. Much thinner and more.. fluent, I suppose.
      :P good luck!
      The rest of it is simply fantastic :)
    13. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Sorry for late reply--been super busy.

      Haha, if you really want to be humble, then I'll say...Toast is gonna win! I'm sure.
    14. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Told ya! so I'm pretty sure you're sweeping this week's WSC again. *groans*
    15. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Grats to you for winning MAC! :D
    16. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Ahaha. Better start practicing scratch now! A real easy way is to dray on paper and scan it in, then pixel-over it.
      It's ok if you don't keep up with CaP- it's only because there is no activity. Once CaP2 is up for discussion, you'll find that it's hard to not keep up with the project.
    17. Ice-cold Claws
      Ice-cold Claws
      Hey elcheeso, I've scrolled through your official sprite post, and I realise that you've gone a really long way.
      Once your sprites were what I could describe as bad, but now, they're way better than mine.
      With all that said, are you interested in submitting a sprite for Create-a-Pokemon 2 in the future? I would really like to compete with you.
    18. Alchemator
      Elgyemloon :D

      Excellent stuff.
    19. Alchemator
      B-b-but Elgyemloon ;_;
    20. dela_Cruz
      Hey elcheeso! Can I have a Zombie?
      Pokemon: Zoroark
      Extra Notes: maybe have some bone showing somewhere and missing an ear?
      Thank you!~
    21. dela_Cruz
      Hey elcheeso! Can I have a Fusion?

      Pokemon 1: Deoxys
      Pokemon 2: Duskull
      Base: Deoxys
      Extra notes:This shall be EPIC I say EPIC
    22. wekhter
      Sure, that's fine, just mention I'm the originator of the animation or something. And good luck, R/B sprites aren't the easiest to work with.
    23. wekhter
      When you say revamp, do you mean in the Pokémon spriting sense, and making it seem of a more recent generation?
    24. dela_Cruz
      Nvm about that fusion. I just want to know what program you use to make those animations of pokemon. An example is this one. And how did you learn? IF you learned from a video, can you please tell me what it s? Thanks in advanced! ;)
    25. dela_Cruz
      Can you make me another awesome fusion? Here's the info: It would be really awesome if you could make it.

      Pokemon 1: Beedrill
      Pokemon 2: Arcanine
      Base Pokemon: Up to you :)
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