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Apr 21, 2015 at 5:42 PM
Jul 5, 2012
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    1. Harsha
      it depends, if there are aspects of the team that depend on weather then definitely dont change it (e.g. powering up moves, stopping opposing sand damage). this can be very subtle. if you look at typical rain stall, you dont /need/ politoed, but it does help the team quite a bit. ultimately its the raters choice as to what to do, but typically removing weather is not a good idea, unless the team is bad.

      that being said, always try and make a team as efficient as possible!
    2. Tangelo
      Hurricane issues hm? Well, feel free to drop a rate whenever you'd like xD. No hurry.
    3. BKC
      blaziken, will always be better than that wannabe.
    4. xHeadHonchkrow
    5. elimarr123
    6. Tangelo
    7. kittenmay
      My family still lives there. I'm in college in Rutgers now though. I went to the Jewish private school, not public school
    8. Amaura
      dude, this team is probably the best ive made. it really functions well, and is too offensive to even attempt to break down. im going to make an rmt about it :)
    9. Derpinator
      Hey, I read your sig and was wondering if you could please help me with my team. Here it is and thank you ahead of time!
    10. Temp V1
      Temp V1
      Thank you :)
    11. dragonuser
    12. kittenmay
      you're from Paramus??
    13. ganj4lF
      LOL! He even got 2 luvdiscs before lock + ban...not bad XD
    14. Birkal
      that's mama luigi to you!!
    15. Masamune
      LatiCario is essentially a much more offensive version of the CobaLatias core, as they resist the same types but dish out a lot more damage (and take more, unfortunately). If you decide to go ahead with building a team around it, I strongly suggest including hazard support - there are some walls that neither can deal with without them. Lucario, for example, OHKOs Skarmory after SR damage at +2 with CC but fails to do so beforehand. Hippowdown is also OHKOd after one layer of Spikes + SR, if I remember correctly.

      I was planning on writing up/posting a big RMT for an updated version of my DPP team - if you decide to do the same, I definitely did not steal the idea. :pirate:
    16. Masamune
      The synergy of the team is amazing - I've yet to see a threat where I've thought 'fuck, there's nothing that can take this...'. It also keeps momentum really well which is quite important - I tend to play a high-tempo game and it just suits me. ._.

      I'm actually familiar with CobaLatias already, in a sense - in DPP, I ran an offensive core of Lucario/Latios (diff pokes, same types).
    17. EnterRAYZORS
    18. doughboy
      thank you, i don't have any electricity :( only a generator for a couple hours every night
    19. Masamune
      Your CobaLatias RMT is the shit, I'm using it at the moment on PO and am currently 15/3 with it! One of the best teams I've seen on here easily, big props for that. :toast:
    20. ginganinja
      start the voting
    21. alexwolf
      Thx a lot buddy, and wow, the hurricane rly fucked you people up...
    22. Amaura
      so what do you think i should put over espeon?
    23. Harsha
      i live in texas so it's no problem. i'll update it when it needs one and when you come back do what you need!
    24. Sayonara
    25. Amaura
      haha, espeon is really there to keep rocks away, as well as taunts. but i see your point. originally i had either RP landorus, or i had DDGyara
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