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Jul 28, 2014 at 3:21 PM
Jul 5, 2012
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Jan 19, 1998 (Age: 16)


For every king that died, oh, they would crown another, Male, 16

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Bad Blood Jul 2, 2014

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    1. Omicron
      C&C takes practice. My first analyses were quite terrible believe it or not lol

      I'm gonna get into rating once I get back from china, I really love that badge.

      Realistically I can only obtain 3 more badges :x
    2. Avatar Korra
      Avatar Korra
      It has :/

      School has been eating up too much of my time, I barely have enough time to rate/post now.
    3. Sayonara
      Thanks, and it's because...school :o
    4. Sayonara
      By the way, how do you know you were nommed for a ladybug?
    5. Sayonara
      lol, you still have like more than 6 posts a day; you seem to have way too much time for pokeymanz
    6. Sayonara
      Pretty good, thanks! How have you been? ;)
    7. The QWAZ
      The QWAZ
    8. Omicron
      Also bug is much easier to get these days hehe

      Back in the day when I got mine, I had already written 15 analyses, not sets, full analyses!

      People get nommed for contrib at that amount these days :P

      I believe I got my contribs at like 25 or so? Idr the exact amount...

      But I think ladybug, contrib, and tr are much easier to get than before :)

      Of course, there are still those near unobtainable badges like ss, researcher, and programmer :<
    9. TCR
      so, according to a poster in my thread, shedinja is "easy to use and fit on a team". lol.

    10. Omicron
      I played the piano part :P

      It's much harder than the string parts lol
    11. NixHex
      thanks buddy
    12. Omicron
      Also please get ladybug soon kthnx
    13. Omicron
      Been playing violin for 8 years since I was 11, and piano for 10, since I was 9. I had a Korean violin teacher... She was hella scary lol

      I love winning music competitions, I mean, getting money for playing 20 min of music is amazing rofl

      Last year me and my two friends played the Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D minor for a chamber music competition, and we got $600 each for winning xD
    14. TCR
      eyyo breh! i got an rmt up on serebii(dont feel like reposting it on here). its a revised team of my original sand/rain team.
    15. Omicron
      Despite how much I despised writing those essays, I still think they are very important to the application process. People really underestimate how much they can influence the acceptance decision.
    16. Omicron
      I play violin and piano lol

      Majority of my scholarships for college were music-based rofl

      As for essays, I actually think that's one of the best ways the American college application system can function. In other countries, the only thing you have is test scores. In the US, you can write an essay to set you apart from the others.
    17. Omicron
      Music is 50% recorded performance of 15 minutes, 25% listening and musical analysis, and 25% prepared presentation on a subject of musical nature, such as musical history, composers, style, etc.
    18. Omicron
      Ap English is lol

      I took ib bio, math, English all hl, then my sl classes were history, music and Chinese lmao

      Math was quite possibly the hardest exam I've ever taken in my life ;_; apparently it was so hard the curve was like 29% to pass.... I got one point below passing which was a 3/7 fml

      My final score was like this: 3 math / 5 bio / 6 English / 4 history / 6 music / 7 Chinese (max is 7)

      Total score: 31+1 point for my tok essay lol

      Sadly I still only got 20 credits bs
    19. Omicron
      Yes it was quite possibly the worst program I could have done like ever LOL

      also cuz 90% of colleges give little to no credit for ib unless you go international which I obviously did not, so I only got like 20 credits coming into freshman year of college whn I could have gotten like 60 if I had done ap lol
    20. Omicron
      Still in china :p

      Shanghai atm

      Oh high school, a long forgotten memory of mine. I pretty much just blocked out that horrible hellish part of my life rofl

      Did full international baccalaureate diploma program, if you don't know what it is, look it up and then cry xD
    21. Omicron
      Where u been
    22. TrollFreak
      O, we just went over them in AP Chem, and I thought of you when we were doing it :D

      You should take AP Chem, fun class, and its not really hard, its just that its August(my b-day month) and here I am, doing AP Chem work O.o
    23. ClubbingSealCub
      Let's say I post in the right places. Or maybe you are obsessed.
    24. TrollFreak
      Question, but did you pick your username because it relates to Chemistry, or was it something else?
    25. DEMo_Gorgon47
      Lol, idk why we stopped. Anyway, as you can probably tell I am really trying to promote Hail. So I am changing from featuring Techniloom to featuring Hail.

      Anyway, I currently have a team of Expert Belt Aboma, Choice Scarf Salamence, Rock Polish Genesect, Offensive Heatran, Choice Specs Keldeo, and Bulk Up Conkledurr. Unfortunately that team has a real weakness to Tornadus-T and Sun. Honestly, Conkldurr and Heatran just arent pulling their weight. I was thinking of totally replacing them and then swapping Salamence for Thundurus-T with a Choice Scarf
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