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Sep 20, 2014 at 11:18 PM
Jul 5, 2012
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Jan 19, 1998 (Age: 16)


Gravity releases me, Male, 16

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Now my feet won't touch the ground Sep 20, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Electrolyte was last seen:
Sep 20, 2014 at 11:18 PM
    1. alexwolf
      Btw i am really thankful to you, for hosting the CCAT project! It is such a fun thing to participate in!
    2. alexwolf
      Are you in PS! right now?
    3. alexwolf
      Wanna tell me a time you will be on PS!, so i can tell you a few things about your team?
    4. NixHex
      PM me a rough draft and I'll consider it.
    5. ClubbingSealCub
      I like the Latias set - noone actually expects Specs Latias.

      Just wondering - why the 30 IVs? You're not running a hidden power, so it's unnecessary. I'd have to fight against it to give a better rate though :P
    6. Miles Tails
      Miles Tails
      Electrolyte Hello, yes I can, I wonder if I do not mind making changes to the team that I consider useful during testing, I'm glad that I find good player and good teambuilder.
    7. alexwolf
      When you get online contact me so we can talk on IRC or PS! about your team...
    8. supersie
    9. Cherub Agent
      Cherub Agent
      yeah, on the 26th :/
    10. Kenny
    11. ginganinja
      I assume so
    12. NixHex
      Remember we're going with Taunt > SR on Cobalion. I'll work on it a bit.
    13. ginganinja
      why don't we do it on Saturday then, since you have the entire day, and its Sunday for me so I have the day off.

      Let me know if a particular time on Saturday suits (it doesn't matter to me, ill prolly be online, people wanting to spectate just need a heads up on time.

      Lemmie know what works :)
    14. PCS HuffleYourPuff
    15. ginganinja
      you still need to talk to me bro, lemmie know the times you are active and can play for the next week so we can schedule something. People (like Nixhex for 1) want to see it and to see it they need to know when the battle is xD
    16. ClubbingSealCub
      Nothing like a good clubbing session!
    17. ginganinja
      hey bro we should prolly battle for Counter that Pokemon. I am GMT +12, but don't let that bother you cos im online from about 11 AM till like midnight lol. Just lemmie know what times suit for you (and your timezone so I can figure out what time it is my team) and im sure we can set up a time. September is a busy month for me (have about 2 uni assignments per week) but I am pretty sure we can get this done xD
    18. ClubbingSealCub
      The main problem I have with this is that I'll have to take the CB off T-tar (which is very helpful against sun, since nothing wants to take a stone edge / superpower) and losing the trap + protect scouting. I'll definetaly give it a try though.
    19. TCR
      yeah, lol. i guess we just rate differently. im used to the stupidity that is serebii rmts. -.-' if you noticed throughout my thread, some guy was arguing about how i should just shove shedinja in there. lol. i got him back by tearing his rmt apart XD its worth a look at, his rmt.

      got that right. i'm thinking of doing exactly what you did, back ago, like, early june. what you told me b4 you mde this. then i might actually become active on here XD
    20. TCR
      ah, you have progressed dramatically. i remember when you couldnt scratch 1200 on PO. sigh,

    21. TCR
      lol, i just noticed the " its a rule for blh blah blah" comment. you assume i'm not a team rater :P lies!
    22. TCR
      yeah, i dont have the time to just ladder like i used to. i get to ~1500 and it gives out like, 6 points per win and i just stop.

      must be nice, lol. hows it coming along?
    23. TCR
      btw, im at 1538 on there
    24. TCR
      yeah, but sometimes its needed. i tryed lladdering with the those changes, and they just didnt suit me. none of those 3 really worked for me. except the tyranitar set. that worked great. it'll also free up a spot for landorus-t
    25. TCR
      im a sophmore at a school in california(id rather not say where, you know?)

      so how you liking it being in high school? my school's pretty amazing. i loved it so much better than my middle school.

      ill edit in the changes to my thread. im really glad i dont need to change anything pokemon-wise :)
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    Jan 19, 1998 (Age: 16)
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    Highly curious
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