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Dec 31, 2012
Dec 22, 2009
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Dec 31, 2012
    1. VulcanFenrir
      Ah I messed up, I meant to say I'm only using Infernape + Darkrai
    2. VulcanFenrir
      Hey I'm going to be using a couple of your sprites in an avatar, however if you don't want me to I won't. I will be sure to give you credit in my signature if you do let me though. The ones I want to use are: Infernape + Darkrai, Scizor + Gliscor, Charizard + Garchomp (I think so, it's a green charizard), Lucario + Houndoom, Ninetails + Houndoom, Giratina + Groudon. If this is okay with you I would greatly appreciate it
    3. shuckles my hero
      shuckles my hero
      its [_hide_] [_/_Hide_] but remove all underscores
    4. shuckles my hero
      shuckles my hero
      very very good sprites in the art thread, but I have one small tiny problem could you please put them in hide tags as they are so big. To do hide tags put [Hide] [/Hide] inset your picture is hide. But your sprites are amazing!!!!
    5. Dogfish44
      The sprites you made in the spriting thread...
      Bloody amazing, very very good job ^_^
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