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Last Activity:
May 18, 2015
Apr 6, 2009
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from NY

Elemt was last seen:
May 18, 2015
    1. Chesty
      Hey so I ran out of luxury balls when trying to catch froagadier and I used two hours to catch two frogaodiers that are female with hidden ability. I caught you a premier ball one would that work.
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      2. Chesty
        that masterball thoughXD
        May 11, 2015
      3. Chesty
        May 11, 2015
      4. Elemt
        (; and thank you
        May 11, 2015
    2. Rumrunner
      Hey, if you still need the HA Clef I can help you.
      Let me know.
      1. Elemt
        Got one thank you
        May 10, 2015
    3. Yoshi is ***
      Yoshi is ***
      Hi! I have an event egg that matches your TSV. Let me know if you can hatch this shiny~
      1. Elemt
        Sorry I wasn't on for a while. You still need it hatched (I assume not)?
        May 7, 2015
    4. flargananddingle
      I'm on but don't see you
      1. Elemt
        Sorry I had to go. I can trade tomorrow
        Jan 21, 2015
    5. cant say
      cant say
      I replied to you in my thread but it was in an edit so pretty sure you wouldn't get the notification so I'm posting here :) I can trade now or whenever so let me know
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      2. Elemt
        Okay should I trade you back the other one
        Jan 10, 2015
      3. cant say
        cant say
        Nah keep it
        Jan 10, 2015
      4. cant say
        cant say
        Oh man, I just checked the Battle Maison and your AI partner for Multis has Entei and Ambomasnow. In case you didn't know, Entei is a fucking boss for beating multis, and I have Entei mentioned specifically in my signature haha
        Jan 12, 2015
    6. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      I need to look what I traded boss. So far, it was the shiny landourus and tornadus.
    7. SnakesOnAPlane
      hey idk if you heard but i won nats with your terrakion and for worlds i would really like a nickname able terrakion and thundurus if you could trade me those 2 before worlds i would love it
    8. D-Rock
      could i get one of your adamant krookodiles?? por favor
    9. King N
      King N
      Hey Elemt, are there two timer0s for emus?
    10. ThePokePwner
      Are you ready to trade Elemt?
    11. pokemonstar1
      Can we trade tomorrow? Thanks.
    12. pokeman42
      Hey,dude what does a register Nick name mean,and are gonna trade? VGC? Torunadus and Jellycant?
    13. pokeman42
    14. pokeman42
      Hey dude,are you on #smogonwifi? I wanna chat a bit xD kinda bored.
    15. Hydreigon
      Hey if you want me to EV a few mons of yours I'd be willing to in exchange for a copy. (I can clone myself finally) :)
    16. Chilebowl
      thank you again soo much :D and gl to your rnging :)
    17. CRITICO!
      Hey bro! You think you can get on #smogonwifi right now? Needa ask you something :)
    18. icepick
      I'm glad you liked the banner. When you get time, could I get the Adamant untrained Sandile and Jolly trained Tornadus? Thanks.
    19. Chilebowl
      hey elemt do you think we could trade now?
    20. Chilebowl
      sorry about the wifi problem earlier i got it up and running but you seem to be unactive on irc so whenever you can i'll be ready
    21. Chilebowl
      sorry about not responding to you sooner i had to leave as my family had guests and i was pestered to hang out with them, anyways i'll send you in a pm the mons i wanted and we can trade whenever you're available to do so, just send me a vm when you're ready.
    22. Chilebowl
      cool do you have my fc and stuff? or do i need to resend you that information?
    23. Chilebowl
      hey do you think we might be able to do our trade sometime this weekend?
    24. Shiny Mew2
    25. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Could you check 3 pokemon for me in platinum?
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