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May 9, 2014
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. Bakus
      I'll be back in a bit - gonna go eat something for the first time today! Haha...sad that it's 11Pm...
    2. Timeneon
    3. Joel
      Gimme a few. I just posted in someone elses thread about doing the CP prior to you VM. Let me see what they say, unles you already started it. I think I post on the persons thread while you were posting on my wall.
    4. Umbreon91
      You're welcome, you should be the one to thank, you're always so helpful and friendly.
    5. Umbreon91
      Send back a copy please.
    6. Umbreon91
      1 credit for anything.
    7. Umbreon91
      Meet you on.
      You can't reveal which are my Pokémon to anyone, nor clone it. You will receive 6 credits.
    8. Umbreon91
      Uhm.. no. I still want the PP-Max thing.
    9. Umbreon91
      I need three Pokémon to be PP-Maxed, are you interested?
    10. Bakus
      Wow...usually max I've seen is 4, haha. Which is weird, but that's fine if it says that. You don't need frame 5 anyways, haha. If you open up RNG reporter main window (exiting seeds to time) and do what I told you to look at all the spreads, your desired IV combination repeats itself on frame 5, 7, 11. Lol, it doesn't have to be frame 5 ^^
    11. AntiMetaGame
      Are you available in the next half hour for Hitmontop?
    12. Bakus
      In any case, its irrelevant to know what frame you start out on because you can just match what results you get when you called for the first time with the frames on RNG reporter, lol. After that, it's just a matter of using your arrow keys to go down a frame each time you called :) Saves you the trouble of making a mistake ^^
      BUT, the good news is you now can hit your delays close to what you want, so this time around it shouldn't take too long at all :)
    13. Bakus
      Herm...that's where you're doing wrong. If you have roamers, it skips frames. If you don't have roamers, it should start at frame 0. This is irrelevant though, because ONCE you hit your delay, you should exit out of seeds to time.

      On the main window of RNG reporter, enter your seed, your synch nature, and your method K (This should all be entered already really when you first open up RNG reporter, but in case you didn't and just pasted the seed into seeds to time). Hit generate.
      A list of all frames should pop up on that seed. Just match elm calls with what it says on each frame and go down the list until you get to your seed. Stop then and DON'T call elm on the seed that you want. You're good to go then.
      1 P
      2 E
      3 E
      4 K
      5 E
      6 P
      7 E

      In this example, if you wanted frame 6, you would call P, E, E, K, E and then you should be on frame 6. Don't call again. Just capture.
    14. Emi
      God damn posted to myself
    15. Bakus
      In any case...I really hope you can get it soon. You've been working hard - masterball it the first time if you're afraid of not being able to catch it with other balls (it might struggle to death, haha).

      Good luck! I'm going to bed now - 5AM haha.
    16. Bakus
      Awww - such a bummer to hear. You should ALWAYS be getting relatively close (plus/minus 20 from your delay) by using pikatimer. If you're getting off anywhere, that just means you're not consistent enough for this - this is important for both breeding and catching purposes.

      If you're soft resetting, you "can" try to just enter the game normally (from the main menu) instead. The delay values are a bit different indeed, but pikatimer should hopefully fix it. I entered into HG/SS abuse without calibrating at all, XD.
    17. Bakus
      Ughudu, it doesn't sound like you're having much luck from the response below - just bouncing around your delays or is there something else? ^^
    18. shella
      Catching is way harder I think. :o Good luck! I tried catching once and epic failed on that.
    19. shella
      Damn, seriously? Are you breeding or catching Pokemon?
    20. shella
      How's RNGing? :D
    21. Bakus
      If you think you can consistently hit that delay, then yes if it's possible to change the year that much ^^
    22. Bakus
      I see - then it's just try try and try again, haha. You'll eventually get it ^^
    23. Bakus
      Haha...yeah, it happens - are you updating your times via pikatimer?
    24. Shii
      Hey! Sorry I'm a little late, I was in and out of the hospital this week.

      Can I get Hitmontop from you? From Umbreon's giveaway. :]
    25. CPrime
      Yeah, no problem. Hopefully you can catch me online at some point today.
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