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May 9, 2014
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. Bakus
      Alright, don't do elm calls yet. Your roamers match, right? How many frames do they advance? Look at the top of seeds to time and it should say. Is this the seed you're using: 810b042f
    2. Bakus
      Haha, what's your target frame?
    3. Bakus
      If you get frustrated, you can clear/reset the timer back to normal and try again from there.
    4. Bakus
      Don't worry as long as all others are odd :)
    5. Emi
      Okay this is weird, I hit 1020 again.
    6. Bakus
      Nah - just time consuming is all...you'll get used to pikatimer and see how fast you can do it after your first abuse :)
    7. Bakus
      If you've been hitting odd and this is your first even...treat it l ike an outlier and disregard it :)
    8. Bakus
      Yeah, lol. Updating does that. I know it can be a tiring process...but once you get it, you'd be super happy ^^

      In the offcase that I fall asleep and you hit your delay and don't want to mess up advancing your frame with elm calls...read Riski's guide ^^
    9. Bakus
      Of course - you can't expect to get one hit wonders ^^ Verify what delay you are hitting and if it's reasonably close to your target delay update pikatimer on the middle bottomish part :)

      Reasonably close is about +/20 from your delay :) Remember to be consistent. Updating and consistency brings result :)
    10. Bakus
      Oh...in that case, soft reset ^^
    11. Bakus
      No, it doesn't matter. That's why you caibrated ^^
    12. Bakus
      Nono. When the first timer goes to 0 is when you restart the game. The second timer is when you push continue to go into the game.
      Restarting the game can be done via soft reset (which is harder to do) or can be done by hitting from the ds menu. I prefer the latter, because that's just a push of A or a tap with the pen as opposed to four buttons, lol. Whatever option...make sure you're CONSISTENT as pikatimer is helpful because of consistency.
    13. Bakus
      Yes, that works well. Just as long as it's ONE minute before time is good. Set your ds to 11:38 and when you push ok simultaneously start the timer.

      First thing when you enter the game: go to pokegear as fast as possible. Check your roamer location to see if they match what you want. If they do, exit seeds to time and call elm until you advance the frames to your target frame.

      If they don't match, then find what delay you hit by searching roamers or searching elm calls in seeds to time.
    14. Bakus
    15. Bakus
      In any case, I'll brb - gonna get a quick really really late dinner in, haha. At 1 in the morning it's not too bad, XD.
    16. Bakus
      By stand in front of, after getting roamer location, save. Lol
    17. Bakus
      Well...stand in front of suicune now.
      1) Check your pokegear and write down where your roamers are
      2) Enter that into those boxes right next to HG/SS
      3) Date/time/delay - Set the date exactly, and set the time one minute before what it says on your DS. 3:14:16 = 3:13 for instance. Make sure your delay is ODD since that's what you got.
      4) Delay = what you want to hit. That's your target delay :)
      5) On the second half of Seeds to Time: 99 on min and max delay and 9 on min max seconds. This is to maximize your results since its your first time.
      6) Hit the second generate on the bottom to give a list of adjacent spreads. You ONLY want what your target is...the other that it gives you is what you hit when you're split seconds off :)

      Now...on pikatimer. Enter in your calibrated values and your target values. Create Timer. On the right here, make sure minutes before target is 1. If it's higher than that, then increase your wanted seconds (in both pikatimer and in Seeds to Time.
    18. Bakus
      Catching in HG/SS is METHOD K
      Change your synch - it's necessary to have one to make things easy :)
      Seed(Hex) = post: I recommend the second one I gave you in that list - its frame is small
      Hit generate: a list of things should pop with your desired IVs in the necessary frame.

      After that >> Hit "seeds to time" this is found on the top middle rightish
      There, click HG/SS and yeah :)
    19. Bakus
      Seed(Hex) it's on the top left somewhere :)

      EDIT: Haha, pasted this on my wall, XD.
    20. Bakus
      Just the seed is important, lol. Paste it on RNG reporter ^^
    21. Bakus
      Gah, I meant 3000 of course.
    22. Bakus
      Desired Nature: Bold
      Shiny SPread: N
      Hidden power: leave blank and hit enter
      Exact IV: N
      HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe: 31/blank/31/31/31/31
      delay range was 600-300
    23. Bakus
      Nono, I found them:

      PID: 61150c96 (BOLD, ability 0) 31/16/31/31/31/31 (Seed: a10804e4 Method 1: 126, J (synch): 103, J (no synch): 109, K (synch): 101, K (no synch): None) HP DRAGON 68

      PID: 45eefcf6 (BOLD, ability 0) 31/14/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 810b042f Method 1: 14, J (synch): 1, J (no synch): None, K (synch): 3, K (no synch): None) HP DRAGON 70

      PID: af1db8b6 (BOLD, ability 0) 31/17/31/31/31/31 (Seed: a20f03bb Method 1: 455, J (synch): 406, J (no synch): None, K (synch): 408, K (no synch): 430) HP DARK 68
    24. Bakus
      Yeah, 31IVs in everything and it'll be a tad high. Increase your delay then, lol.
    25. Bakus
      Well, your calibrated delay is somewhere in the 500 region. That's what you hit when you mash a as fast as possible. If you go a little slower at mashing a, then you'll get a higher delay. What pikatimer does is this:
      The first timer gives you your target time. The second timer gives you your target delay. Theoretically, you can go really high. Haha, I personally set mat at 5000 or 10000 if I can't find anything lower...but yeah, lol. At first...you should aim for a delay in your range... say 500-700. If nothing...then keep going up, lol.

      What are you looking for?
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