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May 9, 2014
Jun 15, 2010
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    1. Bakus
      minimum should be what you calibrated. Maximum is how high you're willing to go, lol.
    2. Bakus
      Yes of course, just hit enter and leave it blank :)
      When asking for exact IVs...pick NO unless you know what you want for every 6 stats.
    3. Bakus
      *Shrugs* it should be fine with pikatimer - the variations in seconds is most likely because you weren't consistent throughout (mashing a hurts your hands after all, lol).

      Pick what you want to RNG, pick its IVs, and simply enter it into wichu's program :)
    4. Timeneon
      Hey are u the distributor for that ut smeargle? just curious :)
    5. Bakus
      Well...hitting one particular delay = the art of RNG, lol. But that's enough for now I suppose.
      Pikatimer calibrated delay and second for you = 10seconds and delay pick something within your ranges thats odd. 491 or something works nicely.

      So calibration is done.

      Now to find a spread from Wichu's RNG program ^^
    6. Bakus
      Very nice - your seconds are consistent...I've been doing it with an AR, so my average is 14seconds...but if you've done it twice with those results, the seconds should be right. It's suggested to calibrate at least 10times, lol...but since you're capturing, why don't you just do at least 2 more times - 3 to be safe to make it a nice 5? If you're too lazy to do this and just want to skip ahead, tell me :)
    7. Bakus
      Of course: Have the clock open in your windows clock and the clock open in your ds. Set the ds clock to one minuter after what is showing in your windows clock. When the windows clock reaches the 12 (and thus change minute) is when you want to push A on the DS to set the time. That way...exactly matching your computer ^^
    8. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      No problem...you just let me know if you need help again.
    9. Bakus
      Ah, nono that's for later. For calibration, tell me where you're confused:

      1. Save your game in a location where you can easily and quickly catch a high level Pokémon.
      2. Synchronize your DS clock with an external clock. Your external clock should have a seconds display or seconds hand. You do not necessarily have to synchronize the date of your DS to the actual date, but you should know the date on your DS clock.
      3. Start your game and keep Start + Select + L held then press R (these are the buttons hit to soft reset the game) exactly when the clock reaches the next minute. Hit A as fast as possible until you enter the game world. You will want to note the exact time that you soft reset the game.
      4. Encounter a wild Pokémon as quickly as possible.
      5. Catch the encountered Pokémon.
      6. Enter the date and time from Step 3 and the Pokémon's information from Step 5 into the Seed Finder. Take note of the delay and the seconds for the initial seed.
    10. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Ok, I'm heading online now.
    11. Bakus
      To clarify it a bit: When the first timer hits 0 in pikatimer (or the 4th bell not including the bell at the 10second) you restart the game by doing 1 or 2 from below.
    12. Bakus
      Ah - emloop and pikatimer works the same way. Emloop = the first timer in pikatimer. After that, pikatimer also takes it a bit further and helps you hit your delay too and not just your target time.

      You can do multiple things if you're not using an AR - 1) You can start timing your startup when you push "pokemon Soul Silver" on the title screen of your DS or 2) on synchronization, soft reset.
    13. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Ok, I'll wait.
    14. Bakus
      Oh?! It'll be a bit tough without an AR then since you'll have to use rare candies to narrow down your IVs. Doable, but just more of a hassle, haha.
    15. Bakus
      Haha - trust me, confusion only lasts until you begin doing it. I know it's for DPPt, but this video helped me INSANELY when I first started out and I imagine it'd do the same for you: http://www.youtube.com/user/00greenbean00#p/c/EC0821234459F64B

      You should just look at calibration unless you want to learn about breeding too :)
    16. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Do you still need help transferring Pokemon?
    17. Bakus
      Lolz - sorries. First, you'd probably want to familiarize yourself with the terms here: http://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/dpp_rng_part2

      The key to RNGing (which does boil down to a bit of luck) is hitting your target time and target delay. After that, as long as you can successfully advance the frame (tedious work but it's more difficult to mess up unless you're a klutz like me, lol), you get your pokemon.

      In any case - calibration gets your calibrated time and delay. Breeding..the two (your calibrated values and target values) are very similar whereas for capturing, the target values can range to be quite higher.
    18. Bakus
      Capturing I take it? You won't need it for breeding. Using it is the equivalent of using time finder to find a seed to catch pokemon in. Note what you want to abuse and enter in the datas that the program require. It'll spit out two things: a notebook and csv file for you with all the spreads required to do it. Same thing in both of those files...just whichever you prefer.

      Here's where capture and breeding differ a bit: With breeding, your delay can be more suited for your "comfort" zone. With capturing...your comfort zone in hitting delay...throw it out the window, XD. Pikatimer will have to adjust so you can hit higher delays since better spreads are found on higher delays unless you want an incredibly high frame, XD.
    19. Bakus
    20. AzZona
      look at the original giveaway post...
    21. Bakus
      Breeding encompasses everything...so lots of people say it's the hardest to learn, but after learning it, it becomes easier (much like all types of RNG). I don't have much experience in doing them though in HG/SS - just know the theory.

      Catching stationary legends (the Suicune for instance) is probably the easiest types of RNG imo. They usually have very little to none NPC movements (Enigma stone event being an exception) and is what I'd probably say to abuse first - it's cooler too, haha.

      Either way, you'll have to do a rough calibration first and I do recommend downoading on top of RNG Reporter, Wichu's PokeRNG program and pikatimer :)
    22. Agonist
      Ah ok. Well thanks :)
    23. Bakus
      Ahaha....it's not as bad as some people make it out to be :)
      What game and breeding or catching?
    24. Zerofocus
      No I don't need them back and I don't realy have a time limit on them or anything so just PM me the results whenever you get it done. Thanks.
    25. Zerofocus
      Ok I'm on wifi
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