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Sep 8, 2014
Feb 27, 2010
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from Sarajevo

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Sep 8, 2014
    1. Pesadilla
      Im free on Monday.
      GMT +1.
    2. Stormsire
      I meant username on PS, but I assume that's also emirinho.

      I'll be on PS for most of tonight, so if you're able to, you can challenge me any time. If not, we can work out a day tomorrow.
    3. Stormsire
      I'll be free later tonight, at around 7-11 PM GMT +10.

      If you could tell me your timezone and username, we could probably work out a time.
    4. Chukun808
      yeah too strong latios x_X
    5. Zebraiken
      I was around generally all day on both the forums and IRC and every time I checked to see if you were online, you were not. I was available to contact and set up a time, I was here on the day that you scheduled but did not show up, and I was here constantly checking to see if you'd show up on the last day and you did but didn't respond to me asking if you wanted to battle. I don't know what the hell you're arguing here but the fact that you were the one who didn't show up to the time you scheduled says quite a lot. When it comes to tourney matches, I usually let the other person pick the time to play because I'm literally free to play the match almost all day every day because of the way my school schedule works. I let you pick the time, you didn't show up. You mentioned you were online once while during the time we were supposed to play and I was sleeping, okay.
    6. Zebraiken
      continued since it was apparently too long: I don't know how I put 0 effort in when I was available nearly the entire time and would have made it if you scheduled a time rather than saying "I'm online now" when I was asleep.

      Yes, I refuse to play now because you didn't battle when you were supposed to and I'm moving on. Why would I risk losing to hax when I know that right now I'm in the next round? If you wanted to play me, maybe you should have played during the timeframe we were given... or, better yet, shown up during your scheduled time or even just responded to my VM on the last day. Sorry bud, but I'm done with this conversation. Maybe if you wanted to play you should have shown up.
    7. Zebraiken
      You might have looked at the time. I get home every day at noon - I checked Smogon at around 12:30ish, then I went and slept. You VMed me at 1:05 and I was out cold. ;(
    8. Zebraiken
      The round ended two days ago. It would have been nice if you were there "for sure" during the time we were supposed to battle, or at least gave a reason why you didn't show up when you were gone and set another time so I could ensure I could be there as well. If H-C's internet were up to par, the next round would be up and we wouldn't be having this conversation, so I don't see why I would have to battle you now when you essentially didn't even show up to battle until two days afterwards.
    9. Zebraiken
      A couple days ago you said "let's play tomorrow", I said ok. You didn't show up. I waited around for most of the day but you hadn't even logged on, and you didn't respond until the day after when I was sleeping. Then I said I'd wait around for you on the last day and you didn't show up at all despite having been online after I sent that (and you didn't respond, either). I was not online even relatively close to whenever you VMed me, so I'm not sure how you figured that.
    10. Zebraiken
      I'm not around much today, for once. I would have preferred if you had made it during our scheduled time or contacted me on IRC or VMed me when I was actually here. ;(
    11. Zebraiken
      Hi we have to play soon! I'll try to stick around and watch for when you're on but yeah, gotta do this like tomorrow lol.
    12. Zebraiken
      ...i was sleeping :(
    13. Zebraiken
      I'll be around for most of the day, if you get on.
    14. Zebraiken
      okay hopefully i can make that
    15. Zebraiken
      hi, we've got to play for the second tour of second chances

      when are you free? i'm free like most of the time so yeah
    16. Tan
      hmm that would be a little difficult.. I will try for monday at 7 pm gmt+1. but if not, tuesady at 5 pm gmt +1?
    17. Tan
      You're my vgc 2012 round 2 opponent. I'm in US central time so vm me when you are free!
    18. Ciele
      Okay, I'll be on Smogon server.
    19. dice
      vm me back when you're able to do metronome tourney
    20. Ciele
      I went offline just before you sent that...
    21. Ciele
      Well I can play any day. Just send me a VM any time you see me online, and it should be fine.
    22. FelixMinamimoto
      unless you meant 2 pm my time, which is 8 pm yours. That I can do.
    23. FelixMinamimoto
      2 pm at gmt+1 is 8 AM my time, which is a mite silly because I don't know if I'll be awake/free then. >_< any other time works.
    24. FelixMinamimoto
      My team is made already. Tomorrow I'm free from 12-9 pm gmt-5 BUT I will be hanging out with my girlfriend. I will not be online unless we set a specific time.
    25. pokebasket
      hi, i am now, can you play?

      tell me a server and your nick
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