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Sep 8, 2014
Feb 27, 2010
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from Sarajevo

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Sep 8, 2014
    1. strictlypreme
      LOL. no way my uxie can withstand those lol
    2. strictlypreme
      gg bro. you outlast me this time around :)
    3. WeezingFTW
      I'm in bit of a hurry, so I'll just run cause I can't win anyway, gg.xD
      But I'm taking that thing out first!
      and that other one...
      screw it, normal loss all the way. xD
    4. WeezingFTW
      I'm fucking getting rid of hypnosis. >:O
    5. WeezingFTW
      Weird. I just checked and I didn't typo it. I'll try coming in again.
    6. WeezingFTW
      I'm in, don't see you. Are you using your HG FC?
    7. WeezingFTW
      K, I'm there soon.
    8. M.Granis
      ah, sorry i just got another battle ...
    9. sloesty
      Lol, k then :D My lose count is 12 atm and i have counted all my hax loses... i think i'm at 7, so yeah I got used to it :D
    10. sloesty
      Oh, btw I might upload, i donno... I already have 2 battles with this team.
      It was an awesome battle tho
    11. sloesty
      I donno, u also had a lot of crits against me, ur team is verry good and we'll never know xD
      Hax is part of the game (this is prolly my first battle i got a little lucky)
      As i said, i'd keep it like this... maybe change hippo or crad for ttar
    12. geass1994
    13. geass1994
      If you still want to NU, see you in
    14. ZaChAttAcK101
      Haha. I'm not great at Team Rating honestly. =/
      I'm barely great at making up teams to use on wifi and not having to constantly switch to a newer team.
      Sorry =[
    15. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      GG, Snorlax is one of my favorite Pokemon to use as well. I really have to trade mine over from my Pt. xD
    16. ZaChAttAcK101
      Okay then. See you tomorrow. =]
    17. ZaChAttAcK101
      OMG! Clefable is AMAZING! I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH! She really screws things up with the right timing and also is able to avoid status plus take special hits pretty nicely. I use the Encore set and hope for parahax to attempt a sweep in some way whenever I get the golden chance. It really depends on how you use her, what you want to use her for, and the team that surrounds her. =]

      I was convinced by someone else on smogon to use one too as I was beaten by one twice.
    18. ZaChAttAcK101
      Lol. No worries. I don't really take those seriously unless its a new person to smogon. Besides I've battled you before so I know you wouldn't D/C on me :)

      You should really get into UU though. It's A LOT of fun and requires more strategy and plus you get to use a lot of new and cool pokemon. You definitely won't have to worry about being swept by a SD Lucario in UU lol and also it allows for more set up and pokemon don't drop like flies right away xD. I used to dislike UU but after last year around this time I fell in love with it and have been playing UU ever since. I'm soon going to get into NU as well and see how that works out. You should give UU a chance because not too many people here on smogon play and if they do, their not often around the wifi forums like a few of us.
    19. ZaChAttAcK101
      I have no idea. -_- I have a full Signal but not from my own connection.
      Same Moves?
    20. Negator
    21. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      It's just "Ok, see you on" messages are somewhat like "GG" messages in the Battle Me thread, nobody else wants to see them.
    22. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Yeah, I'm on and waiting.
    23. aBOSSnamedTZA
    24. aBOSSnamedTZA
    25. aBOSSnamedTZA
      ok sure. which tier?
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