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Sep 9, 2012
Aug 6, 2009
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    1. BKC
      get on skype (BAN ME PLEASE)
    2. WaterBomb
      Well Coughlin is pretty well entrenched there for a while, being a pretty consistent coach throughout the years with several playoffs appearances under his belt (not to mention a Super Bowl win). In addition, Bill Cowher requires the freedom to bring in all his own people, which I don't think the Giants' owners would like very much. He's a great coach, but he just wouldn't be a good fit with the Giants.

      Also lol @ your suggestion that the Browns will EVER win a Super Bowl :D
    3. WaterBomb
      as encouraging as it is that Steeler Nation has spread to other areas, I'm a bit skeptical of former Cleveland/Cincy fans who "converted" just because their team isn't doing well. I dislike fair weather fans, especially ones that are willing to bandwagon jump to a division rival. I hate the Patriots too btw :D
    4. WaterBomb
      despite the fact that I live in Jersey, I am, always have been, and always will be a fan of the Steelers. How about you?
    5. Morm
      Yeah sorry man
    6. Hotrod93
      ill battle.
    7. TheeNOOB
      i would but ive battled him 3 times now
    8. Jono
      GG Emu I need to get rid of lucario it doesn't really help at all
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    When I play the maracas I go chick-chicky boom chi
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