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Mar 28, 2015
Nov 13, 2010
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Mar 28, 2015
    1. Timeneon
      just curious can u clone?
    2. dela_Cruz
      Hey can you trade now? I answered in your thread for the CMT. I'll use your diamond fc and you use my HG fc: 4512 7913 6012
    3. shin-eh MEW
      shin-eh MEW
      sorry for the late replay im free whenever. when can you usally get on?
    4. AncienTLorD86
      thanks but i dont need it anymore..:)
    5. Timeneon
      vm me when yr free to trade
    6. AncienTLorD86
      no need sorry..its my mistake too.i forgot to ask for the gender.
      btw ~mystic~ is scammer..his diglett is not flawless...darn it..got scammed in my 1st day..:(
    7. AncienTLorD86
      for the replace i take

      ♦ Level: 1
      ♦ Shiny: Yes
      ♦ Trainer: alfred
      ♦ ID: 35839
      ♦ Nature: Adamant
      ♦ Characteristic: Somewhat vain
      ♦ Gender: ♂
      ♦ Ability: Sniper
      ♦IVs: [31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31]
      ~ bubble ~ substitute ~

      yeah...i give u for free but i cant trade now...i got to go...
    8. AncienTLorD86
      hei dude..please put gender in your thread......im very not interested in female pokemon...thanks..
    9. AncienTLorD86
      full redis with credit the OT..
    10. AncienTLorD86
      use this FC.3353 0942 8372.
    11. Sæglópur
      Nope, no clones for me! I've had that Skarmory forever, my trusty flyer. :P
    12. Sæglópur
      Thank you! ^^
    13. Sæglópur
      Yup I can trade now, I'll head online
    14. Sæglópur
      Alrighty I'm finished, just VM me whenever you can trade
    15. Sæglópur
      I'm caught up in the middle of RNG at the moment, but I should be done pretty soon so we can trade. :)
    16. Sæglópur
      I can un-nickname them for you, I will look for you online later then. :)
    17. Bond697
    18. Bond697
      yeah, the whole thing is really ridiculous. anyway, glad you like the poke, too.

      btw, did you see my announcement about this being the last week before black and white comes out? if i might make a recommendation, check there often on friday. one of the things for download is going to be extremely special. i mean special to the point that probably no one on smogon, secure, pokemonGTS, projectpokemon, serebii, or probably any other pokemon site has ever seen a real one before. that special.
    19. Bond697
      i did a bunch of togepis and shellders on the same day and i stupidly tried using pokegen 3.0b15 thinking that maybe i could just use 1 pokegen version instead of 2 different ones.(b15 for b/w and 2.312 for 4th gen) well, pokegen b15 broke the pkms and i didn't notice until later when i was looking at them in 2.312. btw, if that guy says he used b15 in a 4th gen game and had no issues, he's most likely lying. b15 went as far as removing the pokedex from some people's save games(mine included) because it didn't fully support gen 4.

      the manaphy wasn't a problem extracting, i was just lazy and didn't trade between dses. because i hadn't, it didn't register properly and the manaphy was listed as met in pokemon ranger, which is wrong. a traded, hatched manaphy should be listed as "link trade". my second one that i did later to make up for it is listed as met through a link trade.

      i've said all of this on multiple sites now. to be that obtuse you would have to be trying.
    20. Bond697
      oh my god, please ask him which ones are heavily edited. this is gonna be great.

      he's just making things up as he goes, it's really pretty amazing.

      btw, i don't doubt that some of it is to "preserve value" for other people. i've seen a few threads in various places where people are like "don't be like mat! don't give stuff way! it devalues it!" so, him calling it hacked helps out people on pokecommunity and wherever else, also. unfortunately for him, most everyone i've ever dealt with knows to trust me over some asshole from pokecommunity randomly calling things hacks.
    21. Bond697
      it's funny actually, because i was on there awhile back and i offered original copies of any of my stuff to check against hacks because i was nervous about people taking advantage of my good reputation. i pretty much got laughed at by the guy in charge of checking over there and told that i thought too much of myself, was completely full of myself, etc. not 2 full fucking days later did hacks with my info start showing up. i really can't stand them. they also have one of my giratinas listed as a hack for no reason, as there's nothing wrong with it. i asked why it was on their dumb list and got ignored.
    22. Bond697
      that's pretty amazing about PC. their "hack checkers" are legitimately clueless and could do with some instruction and research.
    23. Diabolico
      ahhhh. I see.
    24. labarith
      Yup. Is this redistributable? Thanks!
    25. labarith
      Sure thing - I'll be online waiting.
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