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Jun 29, 2015
Mar 29, 2009
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Somewhere in Orre
    1. JSmooth500
      4th gen battle bro?
    2. CrownEntei
      zapdos doesnt have an electric type resistance, it doesnt even have an electric type attack...
      i needed something that would resist electric type moves, but i only have electivire and gliscor. gliscor was not fitting, since i already had two ice weaknesses : togekiss and dragonite.

      i switched into electivire, because thunderbolt was your best move to use and because i thougth that youre maybe still choice scarfed again. i saw that last battle and i cant just forget about that. i only have a handful of pokemon too, so i most likely use the same items everytime too.
    3. CrownEntei
      oh and i didnt know we were playing with item clause, but from now on we can do that of course.
    4. CrownEntei
      yeah that battle was way better than the last one. and again i didnt think:
      well im gonna battle him, just to put a counter in my team, so that i can sweep his team.

      the whole battle itself wouldnt make ANY sense then. i only used electivire, because i had two electirc weaknesses, cause of my togekiss and my azumarill.
    5. CrownEntei
      No I didnt... I hate when people do that, cause then the whole battle doesnt make any sense...
    6. CrownEntei
      shall we battle again, cause you were just very unlucky :(
    7. CrownEntei
      omg second crit... im so sorry
    8. CrownEntei
      ok ill be there in a sec
    9. CrownEntei
      so, hows the wifi going?
    10. CrownEntei
      ok cool ill get my team ready and then wait for you in the club
    11. CrownEntei
      hey whats up
      wanna battle?
    12. CrownEntei
      I know it takes a while...
    13. CrownEntei
      Im busy anyway now :)
      You do breed your own Pokemon, too?
    14. CrownEntei
      You wanna battle?
    15. CrownEntei
    16. CrownEntei
      Oh i forgot to mention that you can only have the Pokemon i get for AZUMARILL that are redi...
    17. CrownEntei
      One last question about your Pokemon. Does your Lucario know Bullet Punch?
    18. CrownEntei
      IVs: 29/31/30/13/31/31
      EVs: 212-Hp, 252-Attack, 46-Speed

      I put AZUMARILL in my trade thread. Every Pokemon (only redis) I get for trading him, you will get, too
    19. CrownEntei
      Do you wanna know the IVs and EVs of your Azumarill?
    20. CrownEntei
      But since it only takes a second and you would prefer a Kingdra named as Kingdra, we should do it.
    21. CrownEntei
      Ok im gonna sleep now, but ill fix the name tomorrow. SORRY, that wont ever happen again!
    22. CrownEntei
      Oh ok, but then i have no use for it :( But im still happy as hell, cause I got my Azumarill:)
    23. CrownEntei
      Omg i forgot to nickname it Kingdra. We can trade, so that i can nickname it.
    24. CrownEntei
      Great, do you mind if i ask what the IVs of your Raikou are?
    25. CrownEntei
      My friend aks wether your pokemon is redi, because he wants to trade it with me. He only wants to use it for battles though, not for trading.
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