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  • Aww I'm guessing you're probably busy with work again! Was just wondering if you'd been able to work on the Eevee at all or if you think it'll be done this weekend? =)
    Aww okay. =] Well I hope things aren't too stressful for you! lol I'm really looking forward to that Eevee egg... to become a Flareon! lol
    Oh... right. lol Well I was just asking about the BP I guess. =P And some other random talk. lol
    Flygon and metagross for Naive Ev'd mence and calm ev'd togekiss
    I need clones back, see you on :)
    Hmm, well usually I just do a one for one and I get semi-redi, but I do like your pokemon (esp the raindancers :D) so what about I ev train 6 at a time (if you have that many for me to train, haha) and I get 4 credits with semi-redi? I can finish 6 usually in 7-10 days.
    uhm, to evolve seadra, you need dragon scale. those are often held by gyrados horsea and bagon.
    that wont be a problem. im creeping the wifi room right now since im the only one here for like 30 mins now xD
    untrained one would be perfect! since i like to train my own pokemon :) could you possibly do a fovor for me though? i would like its name to be Sparky if htat's okay. since i cant rename it myself...
    i actually ev train for free unless the person really wants to give me if you wish to not give me anything, i dont really mind. :) and okay since you insist...i would really appreciate to get 1 of your jolteons if that's okay if not then that's okay too!
    ohh.. i didnt know that. sorry im not much of help to you then. uhm. i dont wanna take anything. i didnt exactly help with anything...thanks though..quite tempting not gonna lie :P
    Oh ok, well price varies with pokemon I'd say. I'll ev train a pokemon for you and if I like it I'll just keep a clone and ask for semi-redis for my traders unless it is full redi anyways. If I do not like it that much I will simply give it back to you w/o cloning it and just ask for a credit in your shop and pick/wait for what I like. And I'll never take four months, if i do blacklist me haha. One pokemon shouldn't take more than 1 to two days unless I go home on the weekends and do not have wifi in which you wont be able to get it back until I return to school the following sunday. (I go to a residential highschool in TN)
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