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Jan 16, 2017 at 9:50 PM
Feb 15, 2011
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from The back of your head.

waiting for the day of the rope Feb 4, 2016

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Jan 16, 2017 at 9:50 PM
    1. Ash Borer
    2. ArkWelder
      chaos finally changed your account name?
      1. eriados
        no, hugen's a cutie n.n
        Dec 16, 2013
    3. misterlister
    4. Bryce
      yo I'm online.wannna play now?
    5. Bryce
      are you online?
    6. Bryce
      dang missed u by 30 minutes
    7. Bryce
      I might be on at 8 am monday but I can't guarantee it.In case I'm not on,I'll be available at 22:00 gmt-7 anyday from tuesday.
    8. Bryce
      sorry,i forgot saturday 22:00 at your gmt is sunday in mine.How does friday 22:00 sound for you?
    9. Bryce
      its impossible for me to come on friday since it'll be 4 am here,I can play on saturday though, preferably 1 or 2 hours later of your given time
    10. Bryce
      yo we need to play for fuk dw tourney.I'm gmt+6.tell me when u can play
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    we have met the terrorists. it is syrian refugees. so here is what I am terrorised by: syrian refugees. we got all this nonsense debates about christian terrorists and the NRA. what christian terrorists do we have in the country? what terrorist attacks have they done here? none, none. right? you want to talk about probability and statistics, and who's more likely to cause you harm? it's syrian refugees. it's the muslim terrorists! day in and day out. what is it gonna be in your neighborhood? i guarantee it's coming, okay. you want to be scared of something? be scared of something rational, like the syrian muslim refugee terrorists. they're everywhere, they're in oregon, they're in california, they're in new jersey, they're in texas, they're EVERYWHERE. they're in colorado, they're EVERYWHERE. syrian refugees ARE the terrorists. muslim refugees ARE the terrorists. muslims terrorizing EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. NONSTOP TERRORISM EVERYWHERE. how many times are we gonna allow this? it happens every week! now it happens several times a week! and we're held hostage by the muslim terrorists, as people get butchered, massacred over and over again in the country. let's go invade countries based on muslim percentage of the country. our children are massacred by the planned parenthood and we don't do a goddamned thing about it! syrian refugees are systemically corrupt. they're all muslim terrorists. so they go "i don't care how many of your kids die. i don't care how many of your citizens die. i don't represent them. i represent muslim terrorists" these sons of bitch corrupt assholes are murdering all of us! you know who's next? YOU'RE NEXT. YOUR COMMUNITY IS NEXT. WHEREVER YOU LIVE IS NEXT. - cenk "armenian genocide denier" uygur​


    The back of your head.
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