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Eternal Hero
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May 31, 2012
May 29, 2012
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May 29, 1996 (Age: 21)

Eternal Hero


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May 31, 2012
    1. Jukain
      Give me a VM for the giveaway you had a while ago. I am to receive a flawless Drought Vulpix.
    2. waffles101
      Drop me a vm when u revisit smogon
    3. Papa Burgundy
      Papa Burgundy
      Hey just checking back to see when would be a good time to pick up the Eevee, been pretty busy lately but now I'm free so just PM me a time that would be good for you thanks :)
    4. Drifblim
      I could trade anytime 4-6 over the next week, and depending on the day other times as well. My guess would be that your finals already started, and you wouldn't be be able to trade for a bit though. Whatever time works for you, mainly. Your thread also places me under the Vulpix category, even though I requested Eevee? Not sure if this is an error or if you only have so many, but that's fine
    5. pokemonrocks777
      Hey when can i pick up the Poliwag
    6. popzmaster
      Hey I'm usually on evening/night times GMT but I'm sure I'll catch ya at some stage
    7. uber effective
      uber effective
      hey dude ill be online most of the night, my time zone is GMT, pm me whenever were both on, i will pm you if i see your on too. Thanks again!
    8. Papa Burgundy
      Papa Burgundy
      Hey great giveaway I'm usually on after 5 pm PST so just tell me whenever you're available :)
    9. devstar
      I'm available to trade on the upcoming days. Tell me when can we trade :)
    10. Mulligan
      First gotta say thanks a bunch for holding this giveaway. I'm on EST time(GMT-5) and I usually hang around here between 7 pm -10 pm on Mon-Sat and most of the day on Sunday. I can pick up the Poliwag anytime between those times. Again, thanks a lot and welcome to Smogon!
    11. Eternal Hero
      Eternal Hero
      Heyy everyone from the giveaway, soo sorry i couldnt come on yesterday, but ill do my best to get everyone their pokemon, so please just hang tight for me :)
      By the way, my timezone is EST, and im usually on mostly after school (3 pm)
    12. popzmaster
      Hey man my fc is 5372-2669-0930 I asked for the poliwag I should be on from around 8 tonight (GMT+1)
      Or you could tell me a time you'll be on?
    13. waffles101
      5028 5999 8879 is my fc
      I can pick up the poliwag 21-27 hours from now
    14. M. Rock
      M. Rock
      My FC is 3052-8790-3261. I can pick it up tomorrow from noon onwards (GMT -4). Just drop me a VM when you're on and I'll get ready to go on Wi-Fi. If that doesn't work for you, you can tell me what time is good. Thanks a lot =)

      EDIT: Hey I don't mind trading after your finals are over, I don't need the Eevee right away. Also, we're on the exact same time zone.
    15. Gatts
      Hello, thanks for the giveaway and finally convincing me to create an account. I'm still learning about the competitive scene so I don't have much to contribute to the conversation just yet. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more posts from you. My FC is 1635-9036-2056. I usually get off work around 5-6PM EST so anytime after that on a weekday is perfect. Just send me a PM whenever you're ready to trade with me.

      edit: I can pick up the Eevee just about anytime during the weekend. I'll be out every now and then but it won't be for long. Contact me whenever you're ready to trade with me.
    16. Tan
      my fc is 4083-5774-7433 can I get it this weekend?
    17. nachocheese999
      Awesome Giveaway! My FC is: 0733 4108 2384
    18. devstar
      Hi! Thanks for your wonderful GA. Been searching for a giveaway like that :)))
      Here's my FC : 4728-2606-9987 ;) I hope you enjoy smogon! :)
    19. a0161613
      Hi, your giveaway is great. Can I arrange to collect the Eevee please? My FC is 0519 0378 5394, just let me know when you are free?
    20. DittoForAll
      My FC is 2107 7964 8097.

      I'll be on most of the day, so if you are logging on, we can probably trade whenever you're ready.
    21. czechm8
      FC is 1549 5311 6603
      Awesome giveaway. I'm on erratically basically every day; so I'll just try to catch you when I'm on.
    22. pokemonrocks777
      FC is 4814 2762 5175
      I love your GA btw and left you a note :)
    23. NidokingKing
      Guess I'll give you my FC for the contest, so yeah...
      Name: Aaron
      I'm available any time tomorrow after 12:45 PM GMT -7 (PST).
      Hope you have a good time on Smogon!
    24. ToastTyrant13
      The op said to send you a VM with the friend code, so here it is. 8)
      Hope you have a good time here on Smogon!
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    Highly curious
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