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Jan 17, 2015
Dec 6, 2012
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    1. R_N
      Huh, no.
      You posted a legitimate leak who is in the process of posting many pictures. They're not spoilery now, but we need to set up a new thread.
      I locked it to dissuade conversation while we deal with that.
    2. icepick
      It's looking good so far, though I think it's anatomically incorrect with too many arms. Since you're scanning, make sure that your colors are bold, and I'd highly suggest inking your line art and making it a bit thicker.
    3. Shiruba
      hush my siggie is amazing
      but werediaper man sounds interesting
      you should show me
    4. R_N
      I'm not unlocking it until Friday.
      At this point there is nothing to go on. We have no sillohuetes, we have no inkling of what these Pokemon will be. Or even if there will be more than one!
    5. DR4G0Nx
      you want that UU battle? :p
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