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Jan 20, 2017 at 5:50 PM
Mar 29, 2010
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Jan 20, 2017 at 5:50 PM
    1. Picollo
      hey that sounds good , on saturday iam at work before , so i would rather prefer around ~ 23:00 but 22:00 should also be fine.

      mind if we play our match on Netbattle then? I would rather prefer this cause the Mechanics on PO seem very much different compared to PO ..i dont know what the exactly rules are too this , i have hust heard that many old gen plyers will play...or atleast consider to play on NB.
    2. Picollo
      heey iam your gsc opponent on SPL..when shall we battle? I have GMT+1 timezone and if i assumed right you come from spain so you should have a similar timezome..iam usully online every day , specially at evening so feel free to shedule a time which is comfortable for you :)
    3. Rewer
      why is everyone mad at you?
    4. Danilo
      we have to play for all gen uu our tier is bw2 uu
      im gmt-5 and im always on irc during the afternoon as danilo
      contact me whenever your free so we can fite
    5. Sweepage
      grotto im charizardctcher35
    6. Sweepage
      you wanna play now?
    7. Sweepage
      yo wanna play now? i'll be on reborn server as charizardctcher
    8. Sweepage
      hey lets battle now im on grotto
    9. Sweepage
      ready when you are.
    10. Sweepage
      im gmt +3 im on random times but often during week days. im on alot on week days
    11. Z-rex
      sounds good , see ya then .
    12. Z-rex
      we're paired for spirit league , when do you like to play ?
    13. Aqualouis
      If you still have PO1, you can find me on French Time.
    14. Aqualouis
      we have to play for the spirit league. Please tell me when you can be on
    15. LonelyNess
      You got an activity loss last round: don't do the same with me. Schedule a time to battle for the goodfellas tournament, I'm free all day Monday - Sunday before 9:30 PM CST (GMT -6)
    16. Dr Ciel
      Dr Ciel
      Yo, we have to battle for the GSC of Goodfellas. When're you available? I'm free on all weekends and most weekdays after 12 PM. (GMT -5)
    17. Psychotic
      i can play at 1600-17:00(for you) today, tomorrow or saturday. Please let me know if any of these work for you
    18. Psychotic
      I'm actually on vacation in Greece right now, which is GMT +2 i think. I will try to get on tonight or this afternoon to play, but if you dont see this message by then, I will get on tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night at the specified times.
    19. Folgorio
      me parecio bien graciosa so la postie ahi jaja
    20. Psychotic
      Hey there, we play in the UU Grand Slam. I am GMT-8(PST) and can play pretty much any time. just let me know when you are able to play.
    21. Oglemi
      OK nevermind I can't play today either, I'm just about to walk out the door lol >.<
    22. Oglemi
      I should be able to tomorrow at about 22.00 your time, meet on Groudon's Grotto
    23. Oglemi
      I won't be able to today, I'll let you know when I can tomorrow later
    24. Oglemi
      Saturday at 21.00 to ~ your time seems OK

      Let's meet at Groudon's Grotto (on PO)

      also the tourney is a bo3 just fyi
    25. Oglemi
      hey let me know when you want to do our UU battle. I'd like to do it this weekend sometime.
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