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False Sense
Feb 2, 2012
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March 28
    1. Magcargo
      Yeah. I actually thought he participates in SGs.
      Oh well.
    2. Magcargo
      BTW, Alexwolf said that he's usually inactive in social groups, so thats why he never participated.
    3. Magcargo
      I would also like to know the meaning of your name.
    4. Gary
      Hey somewhere in the main description of our group I think you should put a link to the Official Rules thread, and to stress how important it is to read it before posting.
    5. TaBuu
    6. Gary
      Done. Tell me if I should add anymore rules.
    7. Axelia
      I should be more active in your group when tests are done sowwy ><
    8. hathater
      Ok that's fine, at least I don't go posting threads without permission. Lol
    9. Gary
      Is there a way to make a thread become a sticky so it wont ever have to worry about being washed down to the bottom of the group? That would be nice for the Q&A thread and possibly a rules thread....

      Speaking of that, may I create a rules thread? At this point, it's becoming almost a necessity. You can tell me to add anything once I finished, but I definitely have a main idea for our rules.
    10. hathater
      Is there a battle video tread? What I want to do is put up videos and get feedback on it.
    11. Gary
      Delete that new thread please....Q&A 2.0 seems pointless to me at this time.
    12. Gary
      Yeah, he's not been responding to any of my VMs either. I think it's safe to say that he quit Smogon. Besides, I wasn't a huge fan of him anyway. He was a bit immature.
    13. Gary
      LucaroarkZ. Close enough lol.
    14. Gary
      Lucario is on the cusp. I'd give him until the end of this week to post something else or he'll get the boot. Since we've had a ton of new members over the past week, it's still hard telling who else is inactive. For now, those that you've listed are good. Give them the Spartan kick.
    15. Gary
      I'm not a big fan of that idea. Someone could be on vacation or unavailable for a few days. I feel like we just need to sweep people who have literally contributed nothing to the group, or have not participated in anything in the last month. We could come up with another system later, but right now it's pretty easy to tell who's inactive because of our smaller numbers.
    16. Jukain
      Well, I'm willing to participate. I won't be your biggest presence, but I'll post on a consistent basis, rest assured.
    17. Jukain
      In addition to that time spent battling, I've written numerous analyses and a couple of guides. I think I have a good handle of OU and know what I'm talking about.
    18. Jukain
      Well, as an exec at AA, I figured it was a good idea to check out our sponsored groups.
    19. Gary
      PM me later who you are thinking of sweeping.
    20. Gary
      BTW I think it's time for an inactive sweep.
    21. Gary
      So...are you letting Jukain in or what.
    22. Gary
      Hell yeah. He's helped me out with my analysis', and he's also a very intelligent poster. He'd be a great addition to the group, and will add much needed intelligent discussion.
    23. Jukain
      I've played mons since the tail end of DPP. I have a badge for site contributions. I've worked in social groups for around a year and do a lot there.
    24. Halcyon.
      Thanks! TGMD already posted something and hopefully I'll get more rates as the day goes on. I have some luvdiscs, but I'm pretty sure they're because it used to be just a title...we'll see if more people like it.
    25. tcr
      lol, i wouldnt be able to participate 24/7 and be at everyone's beck and whim, but i would be fairly active. satisfied?
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