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False Sense
Feb 2, 2012
Trophy Points:
March 28
    1. Halcyon.
      It then attaches to his co-worker Eddie Brock, who becomes Venom. So you're not wrong, but I'm not gong as Venom, no haha.
    2. Halcyon.
      Haha I mean, I didn't want to nerd-out on you so Ieft it at that. TECHNICALLY, "black suited Spider-Man" is Spider-man that has an alien symbiote take over his suit, gives him a resistance to bullets, and unlimited biological "webbing" which he doensn't normally have. This symbiote makes him more violent than usual and causes him to "sleep web-swing" around New York, so he removes it.
    3. Halcyon.
      My avatar, by the way, is of Scarlet Spider, which is one of my favorite comic book characters. TJ is going as him and I'm going as the black suited Spider-Man, so it should be a blast. I'm really excited. Also, this new limit to wall posts sucks -___-
    4. Halcyon.
      That's exactly right. The big one that everyone thinks about when you say "Comic Con" is in San Diego, but hopefully Boston will be almost as cool. My friend TJ is really into comics (which is odd because he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would be into that, he's very "cool" looking), and recently got me into them as well. He suggested we go, and I said why not?
    5. Halcyon.
      I had a pretty rough time the pas few weeks due to some personal issues, but they've been resolved recently and I've been doing much better. I've been more involved in the RMT section and I just got approved to write a Gliscor analysis, so I'm pretty excited that I'm contributing more to Smogon :) OH also, I'm going to Boston Comic Con on the 3rd so that should be awesome!
    6. Halcyon.
      How's it going, man? It's been a while since we really talked, probably because it's taking longer than expected for the new SCO to get back in the rhythm of things.
    7. Gary2346
    8. Halcyon.
      Thanks man :) I really appreciate it. Gary and Dice both wished me a happy birthday over Skype, but it means a lot that you took the time to say it even though you had no way of doing it on my actual birthday. Seriously, thank you.
    9. Gary2346
      Hey man you should make the Cafe thread on the SCO website so we can get randomly discussing. I want everyone to remake their old threads, so because you owned the Cafe thread, you should do it.
    10. ballislife
      Yea, I copletely agree with you. One of the main advantages of Serperior is that it learns Dragon Pulse, which has excellent coverage and some nice power when around +4 and strong at +6. I think that the Offensive SubSeed set is the best set it can run and the Mixed Coil set.
    11. Halcyon.
      Made a new RMT if you care to take a look.
    12. Magcargo
      Well, you've got a point. There aren't many fun things to do now that SCO is gone.
    13. Magcargo
      Indeed. All our projects are now long gone. All of that effort wasted.....
      At least we have the smogon forums back.
    14. Magcargo
      Hi false. Its a shame that SCO got deleted, isn't it?
    15. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      Get a skype. I'm leaving Smogon soon and I don't want to lose contact with some people. You're one of them.
    16. Gary2346
      He said lol because he thinks it's funny that our group is gone. I think it's funny that the Mods changed his profile pic lol. Shows how much they hate him. Immature little prick. At least hathater respected our decision...
    17. DR4G0Nx
    18. RaijueR
      I'm going to deeply miss SCO, shame I was never as active as I should have been but that was mainly due to school related issues.
      and yes you are right...all of our work we put into the group now just thrown away it makes you feel like if someone just tore down a house you built...
    19. Gary2346
      You can take your break now....according to Chaos, Social groups were nothing but spamming filth that wont be coming back, so yeah, goodbye SCO. Probably going to throw in the towel here soon as well. This isn't Smogon anymore, this is Facebook with Pokemon plastered all over it. If only you created a Skype so we could still keep in contact, but I understand your privacy. Bye I guess. You were a good friend.
    20. ballislife
      I hate this new format, it's stupid. Is the social group thing a goner?
    21. Halcyon.
      I actually think taking a break would do more harm than good right now. If you aren't willing to come back to the forums now, I doubt you'll want to in a few weeks when everyone else is back to normal and you're still trying to get used to things. That being said, if you really want to take a break from Smogon/Pokémon in general, then you absolutely should.
    22. Halcyon.
      I know. Plus, it's hard getting used to this new layout. I think if we give it a few weeks, things will start to go back to normal and we'll get used to it, but the loss of SCO is absolutely terrible.
    23. Halcyon.
      I think it is...at least, that's what Grant told me. It's the end of an era...
    24. Gary2346
      Well if that's that case, then you will win by default if you tried to contact him to no avail. Looks like we will be facing each other in the final round!
    25. Gary2346
      You need to battle Ifenix by today, or else I'm coin flipping. Looks like both of our matches are going to be coin flipped -_- What a losers bracket this has become....
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