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Dec 27, 2007
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    1. Faust
      lol, I gave my blastoise magic coat insted of mirror coat. but it kind of worked out I guess. I need to get better.
    2. MASTER-
      im watching supernatural lol. im kinda busy
    3. GAK
      That's what he said. =(
    4. GAK
      TK is discrimination against me in the YGO Teams forum and didn't give my team there much of chance because apparently Staff talk about "special users" lol.

      Kyo/Kameiko I just don't like. She's not a very good super mod, horrible grammar, and can be a bitch in the PTC if you make her a mad.
    5. GAK
      Here's the list, LMK if you see your name: Xon, Itsuki, Eternity, TacoKing, Kameiko, Senseker.

      Listed in no particulat order.
    6. GAK
      I've been on Pojo for so long, I can't abandon it like others have. I still don't like certain mods (Xon, Itsuki, Eternity, etc., I don't care if the read this), but I don't want to see the Teams Forum die, or the Pokemon section period.
    7. GAK
      I can think of a few other adjectives to describe it, but I won't share. =P
    8. GAK
      LOL. You put Pojo Forum Moderator in your Sig.
    9. Itsuki
      Thanks on both. ;D
    10. cantab
      When you asked about improving your battling skills, I'm surprised Tangerine didn't mention Battling 101, Smogon's Tutoring program. So I have.
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