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Oct 27, 2012
Apr 20, 2011
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Oct 27, 2012
    1. UpsideDownHitmontop
      Lol, glad you found the problem. If you have a flash cart/some way to extract your save file you could try out an emulator. Would be much easier for the nature part. Anyways, Good luck with your Banette. :)
    2. Shii
      Dear, I wanted to let you know save states is something limited to emulators on the computer and certain flashcarts. There is no way to acquire them on your retail cart and DSi.
    3. megaman12
      hello. To not make spam the thread , I will tell you what I did here. Well in my timer configuration my calibration is -82 and my seconds is 11 idk if it will be the same for you.To check Ivs I just used serebiis iv calc. Make sure you get delays that are 1000+ and very low frames like 1-6 to start off.
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