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Jan 18, 2011
Mar 11, 2010
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Jan 18, 2011
    1. The_GAME
      It'll have to be this weekend, I'm really busy this week.
    2. mattj
      lol thanks and very very nice to meet you. Are you going to try your hand at the v g c's this season?
    3. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Yeah, it is :/
    4. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Hey, I have a Legit mew I could trade you. Flawless IVs as well. You have a trade thread?
    5. The_GAME
      If you're still on you can pick up what you're EVing now.... what was it, again?
    6. Vincento341
      Hey i made it through superwolfe's giveaway first round... would I be able to get the prize frostlass when you're available.
    7. Xpertdreamz
      hey fireape. i was just seeing if you have gotten the Froslass from Superwolfe yet and have you been able to clone it if so? Was wondering if i could get a copy of it. I lost the first round but i still get to choose a poke. So i would like the Froslass if possible. Thanks in advance.
    8. andrea
      Nope that's okay. You don't need to do it- its gonna be rebred as a flawless one anyways.
    9. andrea
      Oh, no, that was a mistake on my part. It's ability is speed boost and the Shedinjas are already EVd. I just kinda C/P-ed the description and forgot to change that XD
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